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Weight lifting in water – Unequaled versatility for Total Body Conditioning

What Hydrotone will do for you:

15 miles and an ice bath

Today I decided to try out some of the actual London Marathon route and that went well, until it was time to turn back from Creek Road in Greenwich and come back the other way… this seems to have been a flaw in my plan as I really didn’t enjoy it and with (left this time!) buttock cramp and a blister on each foot it was a somewhat painful experience.   437 more words


Training just got Spa-tastic

Following the Hampton Court Half Marathon on Sunday I’ve been walking like a granny for three days with very sore shoulders, so after a huge amount of stretching I decided to give in a book a full body massage with my favourite local salon the… 572 more words


Hobbies: A passion for fitness instructing

Fitness is my passion, and sharing that passion with others is a job that I wouldn’t trade for the world. As a Zumba Fitness®, Total Body Conditioning, and group-cycling instructor, I’m afforded the opportunity to do that on a daily basis. 40 more words


Week Eleven - Ice ice baby!

I’d like to thank the marvellous Lady Catherine for my brilliant blog title this week, as we discussed my injury whilst I sat knee elevated and iced.   669 more words


Yoda to the rescue!

So today I’ve had a rather sore back and in an effort to avoid the terror of another visit to the evil sport masseuse so soon after the last, I was determined to take advice on dealing with this.   128 more words


Rugby Players: Doesn't It Hurt to Wear It so tight?

The RBS is among the most loyal of ruby tournament sponsors. A few days back, I was watching an RBS tournament featuring England and France. I have always adored the physique of these guys. 76 more words

Skewed Observations: Unreasonable & Twisted