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Have It Your Way

Here is an easy recipe for creating your very own simple workout, not restricted by minimum time requirements. As the author advises, “life is a choice between ‘busy and unfit,’ and ‘busy and fit.'”┬áIt is more important to do the physical activity than it is to complete it in a certain number of minutes. 19 more words


Workout Summary: 9.26.16

Shoulders and core today. The cool thing is that over the weekend, my wife said there is a noticeable difference in my back symmetry (I’ve got the scoliosis, doncha know). 133 more words


Workout Summary: 9.23.16

From all my whining on Wednesday, I got a bit of vindication. Trainer Nick said he did a modified version of my interval workout and had this to say: 121 more words


Workout Summary: 9.16.16

Really great workout today. I re-tested my max in lat pull-downs and found that my weight tolerance has gone up 9 whole pounds! That’s pretty amazing progress, I think. 68 more words


Workout Summary: 9.14.16

Worked hard today, even though I’m nursing a strained abdominal muscle. I think I may have overdone it with all the jumping exercises I’ve been doing lately. 105 more words


Is Water Aerobics better than land based exercises?

So I will admit, this is probably bad timing since summer is almost over, but where I live there are gyms that offer indoor pools all year round for those who want to swim for their workout or enjoy the hot tub. 603 more words