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Yesterday was quite the gym experience and I did not do what I had intended to do.

I’m also posting my workout from today to make it more complete. 57 more words

One Rep Max: Workout Summary, 5.17.17

Wow. Just wow. I totally crushed my weight goals for squat and bench press! I couldn’t be happier! Check this shit out:

Squat: 135 lbs! 57 more words


Workout Summary: 5.14.17

This weekend really got away from me. I meant to keep up with my regular schedule to be ready for Wednesday’s max-out but time just flew. 105 more words


One Rep Max: Workout Summary, 5.10.17

Next, on an all-new One Rep Max….

Well, that was intense. Because of the crazy amount of warming up and resting, I only got to max out on two exercises. 34 more words


Wednesday Workout- 6 Exercise Band & Dumbbell Circuit

Hey there! Happy Wednesday. I’m glad I have some workouts in reserve for you guys as I have barely worked out since last Wednesday- kinda crazy! 315 more words


Total Body Superset Workout!

For a couple of months now I’ve been doing a workout split of :

  • Chest & Back
  • Arms & Shoulders
  • Lower Body

And then my fourth day has been: 342 more words

Total Body Circuit

Hey there.

For your weekly workout we have a total body circuit. You will complete 2 sets of 5 moves resting a full minute between sets. 434 more words