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The Uninfluenced Love of God

It is highly important, if God is to be honored and the heart of His child established, that we should be quite clear upon this precious truth. 68 more words


[COMMENTARY] Romans 3:1–18

This post is part of a series of essays based on my study of Paul’s epistle to the Romans. They are simply drafts and not intended to be well-polished essays. 681 more words


'Trusting the Depraved' (2013)

Y’know, I could probably use that picture of the scowling frog here, too…

I don’t know why so many of us continue to believe that imperfect people, sinners, can create perfect institutions–or perfect robots, for that matter. 35 more words


What is Arminianism?

Arminianism: Though few Christians have heard that term, most Christians are Arminians. Arminianism, however, has a bad reputation: Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Calvinists have often misrepresented what Arminians actually believe to the extent that Arminianism has come to be defined by its detractors. 2,048 more words

New Testament


Calvinism teaches that we are totally depraved,

That no one is righteous, not even one.

It is God who saves, without Him, no one can’t be saved. 192 more words


"All Sins Are Equal," and Other Christian Nonsense

“No sin is worse than any other.” You’ve probably heard this little piece of “christian” craziness before. I remember hearing it as a child, growing up in the Calvinist tradition of my family. 1,973 more words

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The August Theologian: Total Depravity and Original Sin

“At Rome my arrival was marked by the scourge of physical sickness, and I was on the way to the underworld, bearing all the evils I had committed against you, against myself, and against others—sins both numerous and serious, in addition to the chain of original sin by which ‘in Adam we die’ (1 Cor.

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