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This is Calvinism..and yes, it's ugly

We have all watched as the Westboro Baptist Church has taken their roadshow to military funerals and more over the years.

The part that many don’t know about Westboro is that they are Calvinist in their theology and that their protests and the signs and even the conclusions are… 1,227 more words


What the Purge Can Tell Us About Man's Sinful Condition

I’m quite a fan of horror and thriller films. Particularly fond of the suspense and mystery of certain movies trying to find out the identity of the slasher. 1,185 more words

The Gospel

Your Feelings Do Not Determine Truth

Ever had someone make you feel ‘bad’?  Where they said something that seemed to be negative and made you mad or sad?  Because it seemed negative and made you mad or sad, does that make it wrong?  1,228 more words


Good Friday

The Friday before Resurrection Sunday (Easter), Christians remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross.  It is not explicitly said in scripture to remember this day annually as “Good Friday” but instead Christians are explicitly commanded to remember through The Lords Supper (1 Cor 11:24-26).  1,020 more words

Jesus Is God

Not a bad seed

I got recommended a band from a friend this weekend. It’s called The Veils and the album Total Depravity remind me a lot of Nick Cave but different enough to not be a copycat. 56 more words


Well, Here Goes...My Story, Pt. 4

In my last deconversion entry, I discussed the events that led to my wife and I leaving the Pentecostal/charismatic world altogether and entering the reformed Baptist world. 928 more words

My Story;