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Return to Tango after Total Hip Replacement. Weeks 6-10

These last weeks have been all about my KNEE! This was not part of the plan.

During week 6, I developed a bit of pain below the knee on the same side as the hip replacement. 533 more words

Hip Replacement And Tango

Back to the Gym.

For the past 8 years, I’ve been going to the gym with a previously unknown level of consistency.  The last couple of years, I’ve averaged 5-6 days a week.   346 more words


Eight Years of Low Carbing

I started following a Low Carb Diet on March 12, 2007.  I was 260 pounds – maybe.  Could have been heavier.  I jumped off the scale at that number – out of sheer fright. 422 more words


Weather, Hip Replacement and Iris Reticulata

We are very lucky here in Cornwall as the Spring continues to develop but I know that lots of my readers from Atlanta, Georgia to Texas, to Vermont, and the far North of Canada are still in the throes of winter, so for you, here are Pooh Bear and Eeyore discussing the wintery weather. 86 more words


Hip Surgery - Providing Relief to your Hip Pain

A surgery is usually the last option a doctor offers for your treatment and is often when it is imperative to do it, and when other methods of treatment seem ineffective. 606 more words

Hip Replacement

Pistol Squats and Unilateral Exercises.

I’m a big fan of functional exercises.  Rather than growing big mirror muscles, I want my strength to help me through the day.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love a 6 pack and huge guns.   500 more words


The Impact of Surgery on Exercise and Weight

It has been a helluva a time.  I scheduled my hip replacement surgery during the last couple of weeks of December since it is a slow time in my business.   608 more words

Low Carb