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Return to Tango - 9 months on.

Well, the time I’ve had my new hip in my body is the time needed to grow and deliver a baby. A strange thought!

But not really, when I think about it. 362 more words


Un-Hyping Recent Joint Replacement–MI Findings

A late-August headline on MedPage Today ominously read, “MI Risk Soars After Joint Replacement.” The article cited a recent Arthritis & Rheumatology study that found a more than 8-fold increase in risk of myocardial infarction (MI) for one month after knee replacement and a more than 4-fold increased risk during the month after hip replacement, all compared with equal numbers of matched controls who did not have joint replacement surgery. 130 more words


Hip Replacement

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint, which allows a wide range of movement. Arthritis damages the cartilage-covered surfaces of the joint so the ball moves less smoothly and less freely within the socket. 256 more words

Hip Replacement

Hidden Blessings

Everyone can benefit from the encouragement of a promoter and believer in their abilities. I’m grateful for the activists in my life and therefore try to reciprocate by being supportive of others, especially Mark. 933 more words


Moving like a normal human being again

So, incredibly, it’s now 13 weeks and the last two have been a pretty good test of how the new hip is doing and, frankly, it’s doing pretty damn well.  1,039 more words

Chronic Oral Antibiotics Boost 5-Year Infection-Free Implant Survival after Certain PJIs

Along with the sharply rising number of total hip and knee arthroplasties performed in the US comes an increasingly compelling need to prevent periprosthetic joint infections (PJIs). 240 more words


They didn't make me go to rehab, I said "No? OK looks like I'm doing it myself."

Considering that hip replacement surgery has a massive impact on how you walk and move it does seem very odd that the only physio I’ve had are the exercises I was shown in hospital which are only designed to get you through the initial weeks – getting in and out of bed, getting around with crutches or zimmer frame, up and down stairs and general mobilisation exercises.  1,044 more words