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Crossing the barrier

Today I am officially at the magic 6 weeks line.  The “don’t do this till after 6 weeks” magic date and I am working it for all its worth. 669 more words

Captain's Log - progress report

So here we are, 5 weeks to the day from the op and how are we doing?  Pretty good generally.

1  I’m home.  Well I’ve been coming home every day to do stuff, watch tv and not use up my Mum’s broadband allowance but I’ve been going back to hers to eat in the evening and sleep there.  1,257 more words

Daily progress

It’s not exactly an evangelical “Hallelujah!” and throw your crutches away instant improvement but things are now improving on a daily basis.

On Monday I was using one stick to get around and took the bus into the city to do some shopping.  617 more words

Doing more

The dressing, ie the piece of clear plastic covering the wound, was duly ripped off by the practice nurse this week and the wound pronounced excellent.  999 more words

Gadgetry and getting about

There are things that help to make life easier so it’s worth a mention of these.

First the previously mentioned grabber.  It’s not just there for picking things up that you’ve dropped on the floor, it’s also key in putting on knickers and trousers. 1,086 more words

Near normality resumed

I think various people have included regular bowel movements as one of the things that you need in life. So true. At the moment “regular” is possibly not as regular as it might be but at least there is movement at last and I need to try and maintain that.  537 more words

Moving along

Mission objectives:  Go for a walk; check out my own house; move bowels.

The bonus of living 5 mins (normal) walk from my Mum’s is that this translates into a reasonable 10 mins (post-op) walk back to my place so I can check my post, put food in my birdfeeders in the garden – it’s nesting season and I have a lot of sparrows and tits depending on me, never mind ravening hordes of starlings.  71 more words