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Total Recall

I love a good Arnie movie.

Actually if I’m perfectly honest I’m quite fond of a few bad ones too.

There are a handful of actors, Michael Caine and Sean Connery being notable examples, who I can pretty much watch in any old rubbish and still find some enjoyment. 497 more words


Ultimate 90s Blogathon - "Total Recall" (1990)

First blogathon submission of the year! Find it HERE!

Blogathon hosted by Tranquil Dreams and Drew’s Movie Reviews


Ultimate 90s Blogathon: Total Recall (1990) by Plain, Simple Tom Reviews

We’re just about done with week one of the Ultimate 90s Blogathon but we’re not quite there yet.  Today, Tom from Plain, Simple Tom Reviews… 1,387 more words


Calphalon Recalls 2M Kitchen Knives Because Blades Shouldn't Break Off And Cut You

There are safe ways and unsafe ways to use a knife in the kitchen. But no matter how you’re holding it, the blade shouldn’t ever pop out of the handle and cut your hand on its way. 238 more words

Quality & Safety

Elle ★★★★

If Alfred Hitchcock were alive today, he’d have directed Elle. This masterful psychological thriller has everything Hitch would’ve loved: a beautiful, strong female protagonist with a dark, mysterious past, a violent and sex-driven plot, a cast of characters who make one bad decision after another, a psychotic and controversial antagonist, and a dark, dry wit. 599 more words

The Labour Party

Total Recall from 1990 starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Douglas Quaid, a ‘lowly construction worker’ who goes to Rekall Corporation in 2084 to have a brain implant to give him the memory of having been to Mars on a dream holiday, much cheaper than the real thing, and discovers that the memory is already there. 1,788 more words

Re-Release Old Movies Instead of Reboots and Remakes

Let’s go see what in store next month in the realm of movies, shall we? On March 10, we’ve got Kong: Skull Island, which is based on the myriad of King Kong movies. 1,426 more words

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