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The Matrix has arrived (sort of)

The Matrix has long been a favourite of science fiction fans, with its robot overlords, the ability to upload knowledge directly to the human brain, and the impossible freedoms within the Matrix itself. 619 more words

How Recalls Work (And Don't) And Why They're All So Different

Manufacturers — of all kinds — usually try hard to get it right on the first try. From banana muffins to bicycle helmets, it’s in a company’s best interests to make their products perfect. 2,821 more words

Maggi in the Soup

The Maggi soup might still be tasty for millions of Indians, but that could not rescue its maker Nestle from the great soup it’s in. Thanks to this information age, every state government in India is under (public?) pressure to ban it. 422 more words


dreamSketches, Ordinary Boys, and Photographic Memories

The DreamCleaver* had been sketching her position with her chosen family (GOTAJ) since she was FIVE-YEARS-OLD. 

She preferred thinking of that beautiful rainbow sparkle place… 267 more words

We Are Feminism (and So Can You!)

25 Years Later, 'Total Recall' May Be The Best Philip K. Dick Adaptation

Philip K. Dick has had a rough time of it at the movies. He’s popular as source material, but the adaptations are, at best, loose. So it’s strange that it took an Austrian bodybuilder, a Dutch smartass, and a decade of development hell to put out what is, if not in text, then certainly in spirit, the best adaptation of a Philip K. 595 more words


Total Recall's cartoonish comedy still separates it from the action movie pack

Christopher Nolan has an anti-talent for comedy. His movies are funereal and grey: gloomy, ponderous things, unsmiling even — sometimes especially — at their most ludicrous. 912 more words


Vegas on Mars: Recalling 'Total Recall' 25 Years Later

Philip K. Dick has enjoyed a surprisingly active and commercial afterlife considering the decidedly non-commercial nature of his output and the fact that, from a sales perspective, he was never more than a cult success during his lifetime. 1,631 more words