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”Reprinting is shady if you say the image is limited edition.”

Kevin Tong creates these masterpieces directly from his head. No scetches. Just a long meticilous mind planning…

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Top Ten: Movies with Ambiguous Endings

You’ve paid your money and you’ve sat down in the cinema or in front of your television; you’ve got some snacks and a drink and you’re ready to suspend your disbelief for anywhere between ninety minutes to three hours with a good, old fashioned movie. 3,793 more words


Bleep in heavenly peace: Can - Silent night (1976)

Christmas brings out the daftness in everyone — even if you’re a group of avant-garde experimentalists with a few free hours in the studio.

Krautrock pioneers Can released the novelty single Silent Night in 1976 around the time of their album Flow Motion, adding a rudimentary motorik beat and naive synth lines to the festive standard. 151 more words

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Mark E Smith's sensitive side on The Fall's I'm Going To Spain (1993)

Mark E Smith in poignant song shocker! It’s not often the Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall veers down a heartfelt path, but in fairness, this one’s a cover. 174 more words

Total Recall

'It could be hate as far as I can see': Public Image Ltd – Metal Box (1979)

What’s left to say about Metal Box? It’s one of those ‘canon’ records weighed down with too much baggage, wrung free of any objectivity. You’re told it’s one of these sacred slabs of vinyl that influenced every single band since, so even if you haven’t heard it (or worse, just don’t get it), you’ll get round to it at some point. 497 more words

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Rep. Louis Gohmert from Texas actually displayed this chart during a congressional hearing today. Who knew that the paranoid style in American politics could be so… borderine incomprehensible? 59 more words


Real Gone is a bit of an outlier – even for Tom Waits

Tom Waits is a heritage act who doesn’t really play ball with the nostalgia crowd. Whenever there’s a rare news bulletin from Waits HQ I get a naive jolt of hope that he’s going on the road, and memories of his 2008 Glitter & Doom show in Dublin rear up, him clattering on top of a wooden crate that’s covered in flour, creating a smoke cloud in the ‘Ratcellar’ circus tent in Phoenix Park. 738 more words

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