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Andrew Weatherall interview: 'It's good to see the reds of people's eyes' (2008)

This town ain’t big enough for the both of them, and sparks will fly when Andrew Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe get set for another soundclash. Armed with “a disco bag over one shoulder and a rockabilly bag over the other”, Weatherall says he’s ready for the Big Dish Go third birthday party in Kennedy’s, playing a six-hour back to back set with Smagghe. 1,039 more words


Total Recall Review

This review is of the edited TV-14 version of the film. All thoughts below should be addressed as such. A review of the unedited version would likely be far harsher. 1,317 more words


It's weird watching LCD Soundsystem's Shut Up and Play the Hits now

We all partied, as the saying goes. LCD Soundsystem called it a day in 2011, and their three-night run in Tripod in 2010 was one of the defining events at the long-lost Dublin venue – a sweaty pogo-fest from the floor to the balcony. 548 more words

Total Recall

Back in the 80s, when Weetabix were skinheads

In the ongoing cultural appropriation wars we forget that skinheads got a serious raw deal in the 80s. Firstly, the subculture informed in part by Jamaican reggae and ska was infiltrated by Nazi punks who wouldn’t fuck off — and that was only the start of it. 239 more words

Total Recall

Black rain come down: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in 10 songs

There’s a case to be made for Nick Cave being a rock’n’roll shape-shifter of David Bowie’s equal, even if he’s looked like a spindly thin white duke in a black suit for 30-odd years. 1,695 more words

Total Recall

The Warp Magic Tour Bus parks up in Dublin (2002)

A band of modern-day merry pranksters has rolled into Dublin – a busload of DJs and expert knob-twiddlers creating an alternative summer holiday soundtrack.

After 100 releases, the Warp Record label is taking its Magic Bus Tour around Europe. 387 more words

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'I think therefore I ambient': Mixmaster Morris interview

Mixmaster Morris is the OG of the UK chillout room, an ambient pioneer who reworked the acid house experience to include soft landings alongside the all-night raving. 2,849 more words