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Warhammer Total War Review.

Warhammer Total War is one of those perfect marriages. It combines Games Workshops megalomaniac fantasy world of Warhammer with Creative Assemblies sublime engine for recreating large scale historical set battles. 1,379 more words


What to play?

Choosing games to play on stream is difficult, it’s especially difficult if you’re a fussy gamer like me.

I am sadly, set in my ways when it comes to games. 582 more words


Lorehammer: the Southlands

The Southlands are very different to the other three lands in the forthcoming Total War: Warhammer 2. The area was never fully fleshed out in the game world to the extent that the Old World or Naggaroth were. 314 more words

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Lorehammer: Ulthuan

The land of Ulthuan lies in the ocean between the Old World and Naggaroth. Shaped like an inverted horseshoe this land is home to the High Elves. 830 more words


TWW: 5 Tips for New Players

TWW: Total War Warhammer is a challenging game for new players to the series, but is extremely rewarding once you get the hang of it. I personally got the game initially b/c I loved Warhammer ( 783 more words


The hills have knives: Naggaroth

Naggaroth, the land of Chill. A ruined landscape of rocky shards, blasted trees and black, icy pools where swimming is not recommended.

It was to this land that the Dark Elves fled on their expulsion from Ulthuan. 699 more words