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Why a Total War Game is the Perfect Fit for Game of Thrones

Hear us out for a second: What if two amazing series were combined into one epic game full of win? One being the wildly popular HBO television show and book series that goes by the name Game of Thrones. 520 more words

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The Total War Theorist: Creating a More Engrossing Campaign Experience - Sublimity

The Total War series is, by far, my favorite video game series. I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours playing Total War games. I have owned (not pirated) every Total War game and expansion ever made. 1,161 more words

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Total War: Warhammer is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Total War has always been a massive RTS game and this new edition of it brings in the characters and lore of Warhammer. Not Warhammer 40K, the original Warhammer – just to be clear. 196 more words

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Western Roman Empire on Very Hard. Advice

The starting position is Legendary, which is the hardest starting position to date within a Total War game, the campaign will be gruelling at times but also very rewarding. 1,537 more words


PC Gaming E3 2015: Again, Couldn't Stay Awake

Not because the show was boring or anything (though from what I’ve read, it did drag on a bit), but because 1AM is not as easy to stay awake until for a man in his thirties. 380 more words


E3 2015: 'Total War Warhammer' Receives Trailer

While the Total War franchise has notoriously been rooted in history and focused largely on being historically accurate, the next game is taking a significant detour from this tradition. 127 more words