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A Short History of the Total War

On this day 75 years ago, Joseph Goebbels, the Third Reich’s Minister for Propaganda, gave his most famous speech. In the midst of World War II, he was speaking to a select crowd of supporters. 2,063 more words


Medieval 2: Total War Review

This game may have been out well over a decade, but despite it’s successors possessing more powerful game engines, better graphics and more varied gameplay, it’s still one of the best RTS’ (Real-Time Strategy) and TBS’ (Turn-based Strategy) games of all-time. 2,134 more words

Game Review

Total War: ARENA Starts Open Access Event

The open access event for Wargaming Alliance and Creative Assembly’s free-to-play, team-based strategy game, Total War: ARENA is now live and will run until 8pm AEDT Wednesday 7 February – that’s 5PM Kuala Lumpur/ Singapore time. 217 more words


Update: I've Got Internet Access!

Last week had its fair share of trials and tribulations. It started last weekend with my Internet connections sporadically turning itself off. To cut a long story short, it took almost a week to discover the router firmware was at fault, but thanks to my tech wizard of a brother, it is now sorted and I’m back online! 658 more words


Week 04: Your Guilty Pleasure

words by DrJohnGalt

A retro blog I follow (https://iheartoldgames.wordpress.com/) has posted the 52 Week Challenge. Are you ready?

Question of the Week: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure? 579 more words


New Wars

One of the most significant changes after the end of the cold war is the prevalence of post-modern warfare or ‘New Wars’ (Kaldor). 916 more words


Three Kingdom Total War, Hypes and Worries

In January 2018, Sega announced the release of Three Kingdom Total War in Fall 2018, the first official total war series with the background in ancient China. 815 more words