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Lorehammer: Skarsnik

In the Old World, Skarsnik is the goblin warboss who controls the mountains around the dwarf hold of Karak Eight Peaks. The dwarfs there are familiar with Skarnik’s ambushes and lighting raids, and his name features against many entries in the Book of Grudges. 300 more words

Using Regiments of Renown to preview new races

Post-release updates within Warhammer: Total War have done a good job of expanding the factions that were playable at launch, and have also included the Beastmen as an additional playable race. 648 more words

Computer Games

Mandate Radio: Ep. 157 (9/28/2016)


Happy Wednesday everybody! This week it’s just Frank and Fitz and things are short, sweet, and beautiful. Frank and Fitz talk about their lone game of Dota, whether or not Lethal League is good, and Total War: Warhammer. 86 more words


Total War: Warhammer / Intro Sequence

Haven’t played Total War: Warhammer yet? Here’s a look at the intro –


Total War Against the Zombies: It was worth.

Humanity’s war against the zombie epidemic was unlike any other war. All other wars that we had encountered in the past had been operated by humans. 997 more words

Lorehammer: who is Grombrindal?

Grombrindal, also known as the White Dwarf, is a figure of legend among the dwarfs of the Old World. His past is said to be mysterious. 465 more words


Lorehammer: Vlad and Isabella von Carstein

In haunted Sylvania, and old twisted lord lay dying, cursing gods and men alike. His name was Otto von Drak and he was the latest in a line of truly uninspiring lords. 584 more words