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Total War: WARHAMMER Gets First Week Free DLC for Buyers

You may be familiar with Creative Assembly. Many of you know them for their help on games such as DOOM, Halo 4and their upcoming title Total War: WARHAMMER, which features gameplay based on the fantasy settings of WARHAMMER. 291 more words


Games You Didn’t Play, But Should: Endless Legend

Guest Post by: Michael Early

Gamers are perpetually inundated with an endless flood of new games. I know we all wish we could play every single one, but there is just too much out there to give everything a shot. 471 more words


Total War: An Overview

The Total War series is perhaps the most successful series of strategy games of the past 15 years. Since the series’ inception with Shogun: Total War in 2000, the Total War series has wowed and inspired masters of strategy to do great things. 2,116 more words


This blogging might become a hobbit

Here it is. I promised this was coming, whether you all wanted it or not. This is not necessarily the prime reason I decided to start doing this, but it is merely the most recent piece of wood thrown onto the fire that is the ever-growing collection of rants I am harbouring in my head and as it is on top of the pile, I will address it first. 1,391 more words


Bretonnia will not be playable in the campaign but WILL be playable in Custom Battles at Launch!

And when it does get released for the campaign, it will NOT BE PAID DLC!  FreeDLC YAY!

This is a great example battle showing off the faction against some Vampire Counts. 16 more words


'TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER' - Welcome to The Old World Trailer

This is the dawn of a new era.
Gigantic monsters, flying creatures, thousands of warriors and storms of magical power.
Titanic real-time battles and addictive turn-based conquest.
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