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Creative Assembly Says Total War: Warhammer Is Under Full Development

Recently, Creative Assembly confirmed that next real-world game Total War: Warhammer is now in full development.

In one of the forums of Total War, the company let the franchise’s fans know about many of their inside news. 230 more words


Total War

‘A war involving and affecting every member of society – one which is the pre-eminent issue and activity of that society’. Stig Föster ‘Introduction’ in Roger Chickering and Föster (eds), Great War, Total War: Combat and Mobilization on the Western Front, 1914-198 (Cambridge: CUP, 2000), pp. 7-9.

Total War

Lorehammer: The Green Knight

A fell mist rises in Bretonnia. The sky darkens and a chill enters the air. He bursts forth from a old tree, a still lake, or a sacred glade: the Green Knight is here! 327 more words


Food and Video Games

I’ve had my food, two Uncle Ben’s lazy man’s rice with spicy sauce microwave don’t have to bother cooking meals and now i eagerly and impatiently await The Freelc for Total War Warhammer should be out now for access…er, accessers. 52 more words

Bretonnian Week: The Knight

This week Warhammer: Total War sees the arrival of the Bretonnians as a playable faction (for free no less!). Having been unloved and under-supported by Games Workshop for a very long time before their crushing demise during the End Times this must come as rather good news to fans of chivalry, honour and the constant oppression of ugly peasants. 634 more words


Weakened Democrats Bow to Voters, Opting for Total War on Trump

WASHINGTON — Reduced to their weakest state in a generation, Democratic Party leaders will gather in two cities this weekend to plot strategy and select a new national chairman with the daunting task of rebuilding the party’s depleted organization. 1,754 more words

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