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Capitalism vs Socialism

Capitalism vs Socialism isn’t about the common good, though that is the usual main point of any argument, but is actually just a lever to manipulate people and gain their support. 883 more words


How can a totalitarian regime rise to power?

Totalitarian: controlling the people of a country in a very strict way with complete power that cannot be opposed[1].

No country would ask for suppression and control as a natural system of government, and yet many governments have implemented this system after gaining power legally. 1,198 more words


Why the US can't stop ISIS

George Joseph, The Intercept, via bobswern at DK:

Exclusive: Feds Regularly Monitored Black Lives Matter Since Ferguson

July 24 2015, 12:50 p.m.

The Department of Homeland Security has been monitoring the Black Lives Matter movement since anti-police protests erupted in Ferguson, Missouri last summer, according to hundreds of documents obtained by The Intercept through a Freedom of Information Act request.

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1984 Has Come to Life

Totalitarianism, regardless of how it is dressed up, is still centralized control by government, the outcome of which cannot end well.  A government-controlled database… 35 more words



“The attempts to put utopian ideals into practice invariably resulted in the effort to eliminate whole classes or races of people.”

“Those who live lives of immediate gratification, Huxley thought, would not be able to bear solitude of any kind. 28 more words

Theodore Dalrymple

They sold me these bricks because I was the best national textile worker

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#CubaReal "Estos ladrillos me los vendieron porque fui la mejor trabajadora a nivel nacional textil" – Ivon #Cuba pic.twitter.com/5KViVQ6y3q

— Karel Becerra – Cuba (@KarelBecerra) …

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The problem is not poverty, it's the lack of freedom to get out of it

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#CubaReal "No es la pobreza, es la falta de libertad para salir de ella" – Ana, maestra #Cuba pic.twitter.com/m1wCUBN5Vf

— Karel Becerra – Cuba (@KarelBecerra) …

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