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Authoritarianism & Gun Control

Gun control is an atypical topic in terms of political debate, in that it is not something that really ever gets discussed outside of the United States of America. 941 more words


Arendt: Is Christianity Totalising?

Well, for the first time in what feels like too long, we’re coming back to Christianity. When I started The Origins of Totalitarianism, I had a suspicion that Christianity could be described as sharing particular structural similarities with a totalitarian state – that is, with Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. 1,036 more words


At West Virginia University, Big Brother Is Watching Your Pronouns

While economies are suffering and international order is falling apart, here at home we’re solving the problems of humankind by inventing words nobody wants and that mean nothing. 690 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Repost-Via Youtube: Eric Hoffer-'The Passionate State Of Mind'


STILL continuing on a theme on this blog.

Hoffer was a man deeply suspicious of top-down organization and intellectuals running things, yet he is a man deeply curious and taken with ideas:  He strikes this blog as something of an anti-intellectual’s intellectual.   347 more words

Public Debate

The Black Hole, or There and Back Again

Я все-таки вернул этот текст, и пока что не буду даже сокращать.


Yandex, translate it to English.


Arendt: Death Camps and the Shapeless State

Well, I’ve just hit the part where Arendt starts talking about the concentration camps, and it turns out that it’s some pretty heavy reading. I’m feeling totally overwhelmed right now, and (for me) one of the best ways of dealing with that feeling is by writing – so here we are. 1,039 more words