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From the existence of lampposts and creatures flying
In the erratic rays of artificial poisoned light
Life shrinks to the point of divine bureaucracy
Like leaves over the flowerpots… 32 more words



I’ve been sitting on this story for a long time, and although there’s no reason to bring it up now, I just want to stop seeing these photos on my Desktop. 806 more words


The White Room

The darkness took them, but it was not the end.

Suddenly the tumult and trauma of the mountainous, impossible waves crashing down upon them ceased and they felt as if they were floating, almost bodiless and suspended in a void which was not cold or empty but warm and gentle. 764 more words


Joseph Pearce on Solzhenitsyn: The Courage to Be a Christian

Related to the post below about the apocalyptic election scene, I offer this article:  Alexander Solzhenitsyn:  The Courage to Be a Christian, by Joseph Pearce. 200 more words

Russia's Nuclear Scarum

Having rebuilt a small medieval world in Russia, President Putin has backed himself into his own paranoid corner as regards the “active measures” he has taken against the entire Russian constituency, which he has sewn up with state-controlled misinformation about western behavior. 748 more words

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UNESCO Rewrites History

Mom told me a story once about her mother and how she had once been a history teacher in the Soviet Union.  She was helping her students prepare for a big exam and reminding them how a certain general was a “hero of the people.”  During the week of preparations, this general became an “enemy of the people,” so all the questions about him were changed to reflect his new status.  405 more words

Friday Email

Made in Korea: Lessons for the 21st Century

In its latest act of international aggression, North Korea announced today that it has developed its own Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone. Though many in the West question whether it can really explode. 294 more words

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