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“They’re gaining, Tomas. We need more lift. Hurry.”

“I’m trying Irma. It’s easy to imagine more balloons but hard to make them pull us up.” 1,683 more words

Short Story

Tuesday - 3/20/18

Today in class we discussed Kristallnacht and the Holocaust. Following that students began working on the Totalitarianism DBQ. 11 more words


Monday - 3/19/18

Today in class students took notes on the Weimar Republic, Italian Fascism, and Japanese Totalitarianism. They also watched a clip of Hitler’s rise to power.


Mobbing, lynching & hysteria

I shall keep a record here of Critica posts on the topics of social justice mobbing, vigilantism, lynching and hysteria:

[1] How lynch mobs operate, 1… 25 more words

False Accusation Cases

Oppression narratives and the criminalization of dissent

1. Karl Popper, criticism and falsifiability

Karl Popper was puzzled by the fact that Marxists and Freudians, who claimed that their theories (of capitalist oppression & alienation; and of subconscious motivation) are genuine scientific theories, claimed they could accommodate or explain… 846 more words


Citizen Solidarity and Liberal Society

by Daniel A. Kaufman

In his essay, “See Something?  Don’t Say Anything,” Dan Tippens has broached an essential subject.  For a liberal society to survive, a healthy space must be maintained between the state and the citizenry.  1,351 more words


What Would Churchill Think?

Like many of my fellow Britons, I watched on in utter disbelief over the weekend as the British state adopted Orwell’s 1984 as their unofficial bible (Hello! 894 more words

Amber Rudd