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How to move further from Mandela without becoming Mugabe

A really interesting section from Zizek’s Trouble in Paradise, analysing the challenging facing populist movements who have mobilised successfully around an imagined national unity. From pg 144: 103 more words

Fragile Movements And Their Politics Cultures

Victory in War on Terrorism Requires the Defeat of Radical Islam

On Wednesday evening, a U.S. air strike on a safehouse just east of Baqouba, Iraq killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, head of Iraq’s Al Qaeda organization and one of the world’s most active and deadliest terrorists. 1,418 more words

A Vote For Australian Labor Is A Vote For Incremental Homosexual Totalitarianism And Radical Government Over-Reach 

Good news if you like police states because there’s a 50-50 chance Australia will take one big leap towards it at our coming July 2nd election: all you need to do is vote for Labor. 332 more words



unrecognizable soul

just a wisp of a man

a mere rumor of shoulders

in drape of torn rags

cruelly hobbled by

muscle and bone become… 84 more words


The Rise of Totalitarianism in America

A recent article, “Our Authoritarian Moment” in US News & World Report discusses the rise of censorship and the weakening of libel laws to, in essence, establish fascism in the US led by the liberal youth in America’s universities. 398 more words


Review - 1984

“……because there did not exist, and never again could exist, any standard against which it could be tested.”

-1984, George Orwell (Page 86)

I’m sure we have all encountered an instance of ¬†Big Brother or ‘

425 more words

Peter Hitchens nails it -

I read his piece yesterday in the Mail on Sunday – an he get’s it just right. I agree with him:

“As an extremist, I am very worried about the planned Extremism Bill, which our Prime Minister is about to ram through Parliament. 379 more words