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What Would be Worse, the United States of Trump or the United States of Koch?

Unless you are totally blind, deaf, or stubbornly ignorant, the United States of America is in serious trouble heading into the 2016 election. Proof of this lies in the fact that two elitist brothers are working to purchase the Republican Party, its presidential candidate, and the support of unsuspecting voters in order to further their anti-people agenda. 609 more words

1984 by George Orwell

I’ve had mixed results from my decision to read more of the classics; 1984 is one of the good ones that I see how this book has held up over all the years. 70 more words


Hannah Arendt: Totalitarianism

Click below to find the reading assignment due on Wednesday, September 2. Think about: to what extent was Stalin’s Soviet Union a totalitarian regime in the Arendt sense of the word? 8 more words

130 left-wing fascist groups petition Obama to end religious liberty in America

Christian Daily has the story.

A group of 130 organizations sent a letter to President Obama asking for a review of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), worried that a 2007 Justice Department memo allows for federally funded religious organizations to discriminate in the hiring process.

760 more words

Three Thoughts: Why is Thinking Dangerous?

There is no such thing as a dangerous thought. Thinking itself is dangerous. — Hannah Arendt

This is the kind of quote that people share on Facebook, generically superimposed onto a picture of a landscape, a classical sculpture of some kind, some deforested trees, people in a social setting with their heads cropped out, etc.. 1,181 more words


Quote of the Week: José Ortega y Gasset, “Revolt of the Masses”

The mass-man regards himself as perfect. The select man, in order to regard himself so, needs to be specially vain, and the belief in his perfection is not united with him consubstantially, it is not ingenuous, but arises from his vanity, and even for himself has a fictitious, imaginary, problematic character. 125 more words