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A Red Flag

The swastika flag? – let them fly it!
By all means protest and decry it,
But ban it? – No don’t!
Stop Nazis? – It won’t! 10 more words


Seeing Things As They Are by George Orwell edited by Peter Davison

Insidious persuasion is his method (p.379)

The full title is Seeing Things as They Are: Selected Journalism and Other Writings of George Orwell and it does what it says on the tin. 3,154 more words


Trump's Neo-Nazis and the Rise of Illiberal Democracy

What the corporate media miss is that Trump’s tweets are meant to produce a politics of fatigue and theatrics that serve as code for his right-wing followers in an expanding counterrevolution that embraces the values of a Second Gilded Age.    5,519 more words

Trump Presidency

Google as the Sole Arbiter of What You Should Find When You Go Looking

James Damore, like so many of us, wasn’t thinking the way that Google thought he should be thinking. And so it dealt with the problem by getting rid of him. 1,429 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Venezuela: At The Edge of a Deeper Chasm

Guayana City, Venezuela—Once the Latin American country with the highest growth rate, now the poorest in the hemisphere, Venezuela is in free fall. Hundreds are dying from diseases, some of them all but eradicated, because of a shortage of medicines and vaccines. 9 more words

Foreign Affairs

Triumph of the Well-Off: Part 3

Q: How many radical lesbian feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: That’s not funny.

Do you know that joke? I do. I have told it so many times and my delivery is pretty good (which is saying something because I am a pretty shitty joke teller). 398 more words