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Dialogue with Ionescu. Eugene Ionesco.


Do you know the “Rhinoceros”? That amazing play written by Ionesco?

The short version would be that in a French little town you have this public servant (Berenger) who is out trying to enjoy a drink (Pernod, if memory serves me right) in the afternoon with his colleague at a café; as they’re sitting at their table they’re disturbed by the sight of a rhinoceros! 404 more words

Romania (Rome-Gauze-Nun-Asia)

Leftists Between A Rock And A Hard Place

I was reading this article on the Great Firewall of the West relative to the Great Firewall of China. What Jeff J. Brown curiously describes is what we would call the Cathedral but sees not his participation in it. 360 more words



An interesting observation was made recently (February 2015) by Yanis Varoufakis, a senior member of the new government of Greece.  In wishing to fulfil the election promises of the Syriza Party to end austerity, Yanis was seeking to influence the elite in Europe into easing the Greek debt burden created by previous governments. 619 more words


Obama's contribution to the Caliphate

When discussing the topic of war, it always strikes me just how many “so-called” experts there are out there. People speak of WWII as if they have studied the Third Reich in great levels of detail until they are asked questions that expose their fatuity. 1,177 more words


Islamism is the New Communism

By Andrew Bolt ~

Totalitarianism appeals particularly to the young. Islamism in that sense is much like Nazism and communism, attracting the well-educated as well as the welfare-takers. 370 more words