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Take action now to break the media silence on TTIP

Last month 250 people, including MPs and trade union leaders, were arrested in Brussels while peacefully protesting against TTIP. But this was not covered by the UK mainstream media. 116 more words


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Six media corporations own all the major media in the West. Thus lack of coverage on TTIP by the mainstream media is not surprising. This alone is enough to negate any claims about "unbiased" media helping "democracy", or indeed the claim that we really are living in a democracy. Democracy with no right to freedom of information is no democracy at all.

Days of mourning, days of rage. But also days to keep a cold head.

These days are for mourning. These days are for Shouting Out Loud that islamic terrorism shall not prevail. Islamic fundamentalism shall not take the world back to the middle ages. 164 more words

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What the hell with the Empire!...

Sometimes I feel an old fashioned guy. But, concede me, please, this prerogative. I was born Portuguese and considered Portuguese in second degree (are you talking about racism?!…) in East Africa from relatives that had run away from a Nazi era and WWII… Europe is an oligarchy and Portugal a hidden fascist regime and I do need to remember my youth. 25 more words


Unionism and Collectivism

Q: “But what about giving the govt in excess of what you are suppose to owe for taxes, y’know, to support the war on poverty and the like” 286 more words