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What the hell with the Empire!...

Sometimes I feel an old fashioned guy. But, concede me, please, this prerogative. I was born Portuguese and considered Portuguese in second degree (are you talking about racism?!…) in East Africa from relatives that had run away from a Nazi era and WWII… Europe is an oligarchy and Portugal a hidden fascist regime and I do need to remember my youth. 25 more words


Unionism and Collectivism

Q: “But what about giving the govt in excess of what you are suppose to owe for taxes, y’know, to support the war on poverty and the like” 286 more words


The Junta and the Church, March 13, 2006

As we get close to the 30th anniversary of the last and bloody military coup in Argentina, there are articles exploring its many sides. This article… 213 more words