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Totem This & Totem That...

I like my chainsaws.

I like the power.

I like the danger.

I like the dirt.

I like the sawdust.

I use them.

I use them a lot. 58 more words

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Flower Porn - Just One

More than the swimming, more than my French 78’s, more than my grilled King Salmon, or my witty banter, the guests at our first pool party of the season were all about a singular flower that I had never noticed before. 9 more words

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Adjust This, Cowboy...

My bar needs adjusting. There, I needed to say that, just for laughs and giggles, and well because my bar really does need adjusting.

For those who just can’t get through the day without knowing, the adjustment bar helps with a mower deck’s angle of attack. 160 more words

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Magic Carpet Ride (Part 1)

Growing up as I did a child of the 70’s, shag carpet stretching from corner to corner in colors not found nature were as much a core tenant to my existence as the 8-track cassette, Pong, and for that matter, bongs. 121 more words

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Early Morning Early Morning

I am an early riser, and that is a good thing given all the little chores that define my day, family, farm, home, business. One of my all time, absolute, favorite duties is waking my youngest up so he and I together can pull our collective selves together and make our way to his day school. 162 more words

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Curioser & Curioser

Oh, well, yes, I really do owe Lewis Carroll an apology. Curious curios collected over the years, each one with a story, a memory, even though some of those stories and memories are lost to time, or distorted by time, kind of like a Julian Barnes story. 75 more words

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