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Alert Bay - Greeting Sea Shepherd!

It was such an honour to attend the Sea Shepherd event in Alert bay hosted by ‘Namgis First Nations to welcome the RV Martin Sheen into their community. 411 more words


Walks: Concrete Walls and Flowers

Today we went back into the greenbelt for our walk. Hannah continued with our challenge of using the fitness equipment by giving the monkey bars a try. 70 more words


Alaska Fun Fact: Low Man on the Totem Pole

Though it may appear that the low man on the Totem Pole lacks status, odds are he was carved by the master carver to make sure most intricate and best carved figures were at eye level. 393 more words

Our Totem Pole

Warnings of severe thunderstorms, high winds and hail streamed across the television screen last Monday night.  Many practice drills in the West had prepared me to take shelter in the basement if this weather warning became a tornado.  1,192 more words


Whale Papercut

This is a papercut whale I made freshman year in Tlingit Native American style. It is very large at 100x75cm.


Vem äter vem?/Who's gonna eat who for dinner?

Totem pole with the food chain as a theme. Tailed eagle takes the fish, which made a smaller fish, from below the bird, who also want fish and mink can imagine both poultry and fish, as dinner :) 60 more words

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