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It's Praiseworthy

There’s quite a lot of things that get praise.

Someone sings a song on television and it gets praise. Someone scores a goal and it gets praise. 272 more words


It's Lovely

My guy Stevie Wonder wrote a song about his daughter. He put into song the delight he took in this newborn baby and her growing impact on his life. 308 more words


It's Admirable

Imagine that you and I are seated in the front room. We’re in those couches are armchairs designed to help you relax. Whatever refreshments we want are on the coffee table in the middle of the room, but we can just sit back and feel comfortable whilst some steady and smooth music plays in the background. 701 more words

Jesus Christ

It's Excellent

It’s Excellent: Opening

I was sharing with someone I have the honour of tutoring that there two ways to approach learning. Learning to pass or learning to love. 1,308 more words


It's Pure

This was a hymn we used to sing every week in the summer at the church I attended in my childhood days. The hymn title is Purer in Heart. 604 more words


It's Noble

Some words have a feel to them.

The word noble, in my hearing, has the feeling something old and posh. It’s not a word I hear often mentioned in my circles unless there’s a mock posh voice or unless it’s being mentioned in jest. 715 more words


It's True

True. I love the Greek meaning of the word looking at it being unconcealed – nothing hidden – it is as plain as day. It reminds me of the state of humanity before the fall – naked and not ashamed. 609 more words