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A Brother's Embrace

The embrace of a brother is the embrace of Christ.

When my coworker, who I felt had resented me for the better part of a summer, was in a time of need, he came to me and asked me for a hug before we turned in for the night. 515 more words

Ameen (Performed) 4/19/15

On Sunday April 19, 2015, I had the honor to perform “Ameen” at the Queer Monologues at the University of Maryland, College Park (my soon to be all ma mater). 612 more words


And I Spoke Into the Mic

I’ve been writing poetry for at least 12 years now. Which really means I’ve been telling stories to the page in hope that I’d be heard. 237 more words


Creativity Contract (September 10, 2014)

As a part of TOTUS and as creators of art, in the form of poetry, we were told to truly let ourselves become immersed in the experience of crafting and performing the pieces that we spend so much time pouring our souls into. 225 more words


Proposal for TOTUS Performance Piece

As a part of TOTUS: The Spoken Word Experience, the students have to make a proposal for a campus wide event that will share TOTUS with the UMD community. 451 more words


Where Poetry Meets Up and Gives Healing a Warm Embrace: My Time Growing with TOTUS (12/10/14)

I’ve been writing poetry for many years now but never in the way that I’ve made poetry in this space with other students, creators, dreamers, fighters, revolutionaries, poets who have given me the adjacency and power to truly speak to the parts of myself I usually keep hidden. 806 more words


Three Thing I Know to Be True (11/25/14)

1. The Universe made me for something

2. I’m here for a reason

3. The Pain will be my space for Healing

I know the sky parted and I feel from the clouds to hit the ground running in the direction of changing something, even if it’s myself.