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Some Nexus 5X owners experiencing unresponsive touch screens while charging

Not a single phone manages to escape odd glitches and bugs at some point in its lifetime, and now it looks like it’s the Nexus 5X’s turn for a “gate”. 357 more words


A Monitor Tough Enough to Take It

A Monitor Tough Enough to Take It

There are some industries, such as social work, hospitals and the military, that depend heavily on their computer system. 426 more words

Industrial Monitor

Ditch the iPad; Build a Commodore 64 Tablet

The classic Commodore 64 has had its share of modernizing in the OS department. From its roots starting up a basic prompt, to full high resolution GUI packages like GEOS, to today where added a… 147 more words

Classic Hacks

The Odd Couple - Just Got Even

The odd couple: Video And Print don’t love each other. But when we merge the differences, their marriage can be revolutionary. Video and Print are reluctant partners. 317 more words

Video Plus Print™

Man with OCD Trapped in Airport Bathroom due to Touchscreen Door Handle

An American businessman was trapped in Japan’s Fukuoka Airport bathroom for over 8 hours last Thursday, reports say. The man, identified as Thomas Pace, was on a 2 hour layover at the airport when he consumed large quantities of  Japanese Bubble Tea. 572 more words


Citroën Cactus: Auto Reverse and Graphic Equaliser, technology gone mad!

There comes a time in your life when technology catches up with the science fiction movies of your past. For MotorMartin it was the moment when the digital photography software on the HTC Magic (look it up) allowed the user to zoom in and out of an picture by opening or closing your fingers on the image itself. 1,240 more words