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My First App

Ugh, if only I knew where to start. I have been wanting to do this for years and finally I have an excuse, or a topic, to write about.


Week 1 Lecture Notes: What is interaction design?

Everything from a button to a link to a form field is part of interaction design. Bill says that interaction designer has 3 questions to answer, how they do, how they feel, and how they know. 165 more words


Raffy does: MacBook Laptops (and discovers something shocking - Apple is doomed!)

Raffy uses my MacBook for the first time only to discover… A new critical flaw has been found in Apple’s MacBooks – They make 2 year old toddlers cry! 105 more words


Some Pi In The Works

Aside from my usual interest of meandering through the desert to find random garbage that has been left behind to take pictures of. I also have an interest in a couple of computer related things which is Linux and Raspberry Pi. 519 more words