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She remembers when they went on more than one date a month. That there was a time in which they would have more than one date a week, & would still want desperately to see each other during any spare pockets of time in between. 135 more words

Cyle Talley

The Importance of Nonsexual Touch

By Amy Juran, Writing Assistant Intern

I think we underestimate the value of nonsexual touch.

It can be so easy to overlook all of the benefits we can glean from giving and receiving affection in ways as simple as a hug or a soft pat on the back. 827 more words


Ledwork- Interactive Lightforms

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Overview: “ledwork” is a series of highly tangible, autonomous lights that respond to touch and movement. Connected together with magnets, they form a swarm of light in which new patterns emerge as the lights talk to each other and work in an ever-changing colorful harmony. 30 more words

Product Design

great love

There is great beauty
buried deep in our hearts that
no shadow can touch

Haiku - Poetry


[ poetry inspired by this photo from Mariam Sitchinava ]

Let us touch
Let us remember the comfort of a friendly hand
Let it free us from our troubles… 20 more words


Mad Max: A Physical Cinematic Experience

With so much talk about the recent resurgence, I think it would be rude to not speak about one of my favourite film franchises, Mad Max. 358 more words


Embrace me

Hold me close

While I break

Just this once

Don’t leave

See me

Beneath the shield

Feel my breath

The escape of my soul

Into a safe place… 7 more words