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Not intending to I found myself
bent over on hands and knees

face nose-deep
in the forest of pineapple weed
scooping up the sharp-sweet
candy coated sword of sensory delight… 336 more words



Hand pressed against my cheek,

As if caressing a rose petal,

For the first time.

-I will
never get over the gentleness of your touch 14 more words

Feed the hunger, not the fears

“Greatness is in the distance” Is what I want you to take
away from this by the time you finish reading.

The journey isn’t ever going to be easy. 214 more words


Golden Oldie Rose-Royce Magic Touch

Like a tender fire deep inside my soul your love takes complete control warnin’ frozen feelings passion blows me out like a flower that unfolds with my eyes closed i’ll open wide know your touch anywhere Is it fair you’re like a circle goin’ round there are no corners to fail down you stroke me ’till my body is weak I trace the words cos’ i can’t speak I melt each time i feel you near withdrawal is my only fear… 215 more words

"Do not touch me!": The Haptic Enigma of Christ's Resurrected Flesh

Between the death of the Lord’s natal flesh and the inauguration of his ascended flesh, there is the enigmatic time of resurrected flesh. In the mode of historical corporeality, Jesus was haptically available to family, friends, enemies, and strangers. 1,550 more words


A Small Touch

“Love never gives up”.
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:4 MSG‬‬

So much can be communicated through a small touch.

A reassuring pat of the hand.

A hug.

138 more words
Just A Minute

how to say: I Love You

to everyone I ever loved, am loving, will love

you know how it is
when your heart is full to bursting
stretched, waiting
for a time to pour out everything… 312 more words