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6 Details That Make a Massage Fantastic

A massage is a massage is a massage, right? —Wrong! There is usually a clear division between what is a good and bad massage. What about the massages that are just OK? 681 more words


Love, Saumya

If we were stars,
we would live for a million years,
gaze at the dance of every word
and action which sprung
to build a harbour, for rippled people: 81 more words

Pain is Pleasure.

“It’ll hurt just once dear,” I said calmly.

I pull out a little and then give her body one more shove from behind, watching her head scrape on the underside of the bar. 200 more words


Touch myself

Every month I touch myself,

I do so lovingly,

But not so tender as to forget the point of this appointment.

Every month I touch myself, 186 more words

Touch of water droplets

Drops of water touch the skin,

Softly at first,

With a feather light touch they speak myriad words.

They speak myriad words,

They speak myriad emotions, 69 more words

Creative Writing

A-ha = Hug

An A-ha is like a hug.  We wrap our loving arms around and embrace.  At times it’s a quickie yet other times, we hold on.  The person/situation/new insight we might not have been able to embrace before.  73 more words

Spiritual Writing