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The Loner : Part 2.

“What loneliness is more lonely than distrust?”

She was stunned to hear those words, just the same as I, when I heard those from that person, who brought me out of the darkness of solitude, to the brightness of fraternization – my best friend.

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Part 555 - Sorry, Ambrose. You're Not Welcome.

Ambrose was quiet the whole way to Kevin’s house.

And, for once, Barbara appreciated the silence. It gave her time to think.

Yet, all she did was worry. 643 more words

J-rocker Gackt further proves his coolness with surprise performance at middle school graduation

In what’s become an annual tradition, the star musician gave a group of teens the surprise of their young lives. 482 more words



We made love. Sweet sweet love.
I initiated it.
I forced it until it happened.
And when it did happen, it was against her will. 375 more words


Farm park

Last friday I went to Cotswold Farm park and I need to tell you that it was amazing!! We got the chance to touch and feed some of the sheep and goats. 114 more words

Japanese man shows us the best thing to catch while playing Pokémon GO: Your lost cat

Long after the cat went missing, it was found while its 69-year-old owner was looking for digital wildlife. 354 more words


Holding Hands

Come. Touch my finger tips

intertwine your fingers with mine

lean your palm close, until your warmth moves through me,

and there is no space between you&I. 14 more words