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He was once a homeless kid. Today he is an author, entrepreneur and supporter of street children

Amin ran away from home when he was just five. Today he owns a car rental company, has written a book, and wants to change the lives of street kids. 987 more words


Jumping Worlds. [Part - I]

Part -I

The Girl with Golden hairs.

She had a few strands of her long curly hairs dipped in golden hue. Smooth gold,shiny and silky, flew from her head every time they bathed in waves of wind. 825 more words

when you know you're making a mistake…but you do it anyway

6 or 7 years ago, I was newly single.
In true serial-dater form, I had two on my plate, a week later.

One of those was Crazy Rick. 556 more words


A Dogs Loyalty Never Ends

This was very touching. I was not sure where it was going until the end.


A Poetic Duo

To Our First House

By Elyse Ash

We will not forget—
Your posture;
Standing narrow and tall.
Built the opposite of me;
Wide hair and wider hips. 330 more words

Elyse Ash

Harmony's Curiosity

what shall today bring?

what breaks your heart open?

what feeds your soul?

what makes your smile explode into joyous laughter?

what slips inside and fills the hole?

Poetic Words


In the same way that modern buildings and appliances are grounded, placing your bare skin directly on the Earth physically grounds you. This grounding prevents a buildup of electricity and any potential interference that may occur as a result of that electrical buildup. 137 more words