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Don’t Accidentally Do This on Your Keyboard

Computer keyboard designers must have a really cruel sense of humor. Why else would you be able to unknowingly disable your keyboard’s functionality through some accidental, though not entirely random gesture? 366 more words


Halfway solution

A month or so ago I upgraded from Fedora 24 to 25, keeping the desktop (Workstation).  It was fast and smooth. Switched to Wayland automatically without a fuss. 209 more words


MacBook Pro (2016) from a Windows Perspective

Let me start by saying this, I really love my MacBook Pro (2016). The vibe I get from the reading I’ve done and even from people I’ve talked to makes me think I’m in the minority. 947 more words


Steamworks 2017 FRC touchpad mockup using vex parts.   

Nice to have a lot of vex parts around to use in FRC field element or robot element mock ups. This is a testing mockup of the touchpad which activates a light if any of the three posts holding the bottom plate are deflected at least 1/2 inch. 29 more words