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Computers 101 - Laptops

The last post in this series discussed peripherals that you can use with your computer to add extra functions. Today, we’re going to talk about the components that make up a laptop computer. 431 more words

Computers 101

Ubuntu 16.04 - fix mouse touchpad issue

If the mouse pointer on your laptop screen is jumping to different spots on the screen, try the following steps:

  1. Edit grub config’s user settings file (as administrator): …
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Go Big or Go Home: A Tablecloth Touchpad

Phone screens keep getting bigger. Computer screens keep getting bigger. Why not a large trackpad to use as a mouse? had that thought and with a few components and some sewing skills created a… 174 more words

Arduino Hacks

The DJI Goggles

Yes, DJI has developed their own goggles and they are no ordinary ones either. Developed specifically for the Mavic Pro, the goggle actually allows the panning of the camera on the Mavic in accordance to the movement of the goggle by the wearer. 143 more words

Hobby & Photography

New technique turns anything into a touch sensor

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created a new way to turn almost any surface into a touchpad with just a little conductive spray paint. The system, called Electrick, uses a technique called “electric field tomography.” 227 more words


On The Chromebook: Touchpad Gestures

The touchpad has expanded the range of options that users can have access to in order to manipulate, navigate, and exert power over how they interact with the content on their screen. 356 more words

Google Apps

This Might Be The Biggest PlayStation 4 Controller In The World

(Source: kotaku.com)

No, you are not looking at a tiny human! This playable, jumbo-sized DualShock 4 is the Sony Interactive Entertainment building in Tokyo. 105 more words