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The Things They Never Taught Us

To be fair, my parents prepared me for a lot.

My Teachers taught me a few good lessons.

But here’s to the things we were never taught. 452 more words

Best friend or something more?

Did you ever realize that one special person could change your whole life? You never even realize that the same person you talked to last night , now suddenly she is a big part of your life. 277 more words

Tough Choice

I had to make a tough decision last night. I have two doses of my night time meds left. My appointment with my doctor isn’t until Tuesday morning. 164 more words


Save my freaking soul

So I’ve had a pretty rough week, hence the lack of posts. I really need to get back into daily jogs and meditation, my anxiety and stress levels are out of this world. 536 more words

Unplaned Haitus

Hi baby!

How are you? Me? don’t even ask, to be honest.
Alot of shit went down last week, a huge decision to make was dumped in my lap and it messed with my head big time. 286 more words

All O

You'll Change your Mind (#SOL17 8/31)

Disclaimer:  I have been hesitant to post this even though it is really important to me, so please be gentle.  I’ve just needed to get this out there for a while now.   675 more words

Fresh start or tearing open wounds?

A few weeks ago, my brother told me that he had not heard from our mom in over a month. I hadn’t been in contact with her for a while, but knew that something was wrong if she hadn’t contacted any of us kids over the holidays. 371 more words