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Coming Out Of It

Life is full of difficult moments, tough choices.  I’ve not been around much this last month because I’ve been walking with the Black Dog. That doesn’t mean that I’ve been doing nothing. 270 more words

How Can I Make Tough Or Difficult Choices?

How Can I Make Tough Or Difficult Choices?

We all make decisions on a daily basis but these are very simple ones that require very little thought or consideration of the outcomes: the larger, more complex decisions have major implications for the future and carry with them high degrees of risk and uncertainty. 181 more words


Does that word cause you to hunch one shoulder, make an awkward face and fidget because you are super uncomfortable?  Me too!  Obligation, especially in the Christian world is a word we shy away from. 444 more words

Alzheimers Disease

First World Mother on Refugees

Today, I looked at my youngest, in all of his sweet, innocent infant-hood, and thought, “Will my children forgive me? What if they do not?” 764 more words


Not long after the confirmation came that something WAS going on with mom, outside the normal aging changes, our family found ourselves facing another transition.  My husband had been asked to change ministries within our organization, which would require us to go from living up north in Michigan to living down south in Florida. 652 more words

Alzheimers Disease

The Sacrifices We Make As Parents

As parents we must constantly sacrifice — make the tough choices. Shall we watch our kids sleeping on the baby monitor, standing loving vigil above them like guardian angels? 32 more words