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So far this year I have learned...

I have learned that to be an adult means to make the right call, even if it is the hard call. This means no longer shielding my brother from the consequences of his actions. 212 more words

Meeting the Measure

When it’s so easy

to check out when the going

gets rough, what will help us stay?


Some will surely take

that easy, well trodden path;

against them, heroes contrast.



This week has stirred up a myriad of emotions in our family, both good and bad. Firstly, I have had some life changing things happen to me, for which I wasn’t exactly prepared but somewhere anticipated. 299 more words

lies have short legs.....

My grandpa always used to say, “lies have short legs and the long legs of the truth always catch up.”. He was right. No matter what way you go or how good of a liar you think you may be, the truth will always prevail. 1,853 more words

The hard work of healing...

Well, I got through it. All I remember about the surgery itself is being wheeled into the OR being shifted onto the table and sitting cross-legged clutching a pillow hunched over so they could insert a spinal to deliver the anesthesia and pain killers. 958 more words

This hurts me more than it hurts you

Driving back to the farm a week or two ago, I passed a dead cat on the side of the road. It looked exactly like one of our little barn kitties. 652 more words



Last week, I had a midterm discussion with my Modernity teacher, Professor Briley. She posed an interesting question in reflection of a piece we read for the midterm.  466 more words

Challenges Of Modernity