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Tough Guy Stereotypes

Stereotypes: What does a decorated WWII hero look like?

One of those pictured below is a decorated WWII hero who received the following medals presented by Charles de Gaulle. 202 more words

American History

DOOM Open Beta!


There, the most important stuff is out of the way.

Yes, the new DooM’s multiplayer is in open beta and free to play between April 14 – 16 (if I’m remembering right). 48 more words


X-Com: Enemy Unknown (PC) Review

X-Com Enemy Unknown is the 2012 remake of the 1994 cult classic of the same name (sometimes referred to as X-Com: UFO Defense), and a reboot of sorts for MicroPros’ 1990 series in general. 2,318 more words


Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition (PC) Review Redux

The Final Chapter

Every reviewer, hell, every gamer, has that one game. The one they can’t figure out what the hell to do with. Do we love it? 1,309 more words


Since I'm Back...

I figure I’d do a quick post with a short-list of games that I’m still looking at for review. You guys know the score, so here we go! 218 more words


Real Men and The Head Cold

Broken bones, open heart surgery, crushed nerves resulting in screws and steel plates in my neck, real men just blow it off the discomfort and pain as they continue forward. 491 more words

Creative Writing

Joe Kleen & the man from Mahopac

Joe liked a lot of things about his new home and high on the list was the lack of ice and snow. Just over two year earlier he’d fled the crowded beauty of central Connecticut and the life he and his wife Misty were carving out for themselves in the Atlanta suburbs was one that pleased him. 1,459 more words