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Playing with Crayons and Markers

Last week I got two gifts from some of my lovely colleagues for finishing a large project. They gave the perfect gifts for any 26 year old man: crayons and markers. 91 more words



After 24 hours of travel, with a small stopover to sleep I made it to Albi.(Needless to say I should have packed less as I encountered train stations without elevators or ramps and too far to go with too much stuff, but c’ est la vie.) 378 more words


Directo del MOMA, El París de Toulouse-Lautrec en Bellas Artes

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, artista y cronista gráfico del París del siglo XIX, considerado como padre del cartel moderno, llega con su obra a nuestro país en una exposición que explora las pasiones en más de 100 obras entre dibujos, fotografías, litografías, óleos y  filmes. 138 more words


Having done the Cine Paris to death

Having done the Cine Paris to death (4 times there yesterday alone), done the Fifth Avenue to death, not really sure what to do today; —to get myself in the mood for anything I mean.

The Hidden Self 

One of the #justDraw challenges is to create a portrait that a camera selfie cannot capture: some artists use colour, patterns, and symbols. First, let’s look at our Big Five to see how they expressed their inner selfs through auto-portraiture… 287 more words


Tripping the Green Fairy

To the audience who watched us upon the stage we must have appeared carefree, smiles of red wax plastered to our faces, legs high in can-can kicks. 1,057 more words

Daily Prompt

Les lignes Toulouse-Lautrec

Retraçage et colorisation d’après un détail de l’épreuve d’essai de l’affiche Babylone d’Allemagne, 1894