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Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke, the leading 19th century Prussian strategist, was said to have laughed only twice: once when told that a certain French fortress was impregnable, and once when his mother-in-law died… 365 more words


DPF / Tollefsen

For visual artists, from The Penguin Book of Women Poets.

from Toulouse Lautrec / by Astrid Tollefsen (1897-1973, Norway)

the wine is red
the music loves itself its echo



Go ahead and just charge every part of this look to my credit card. The red windbreaker material isn’t quite up to my speed, but with that fur trim and well-coiffed top knot?! What the hell.


A Box of Matches Published in Verity La

My poem A Box of Matches has been published in Verity La.

Big thanks to Chief Editor, Michele Seminara for the acceptance & Poetry Editor, Stuart Barnes for the back & forth emails as we ironed out a few wrinkles in the piece.

Mark William Jackson

Ask Morgana 129: Toulouse-Lautrec

Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa (1864-1901), long of name an short of stature, was a remarkable post-impressionist painter. He was probably the most prolific artist of his era, having produced hundreds of known paintings, posters, and prints, thousands of drawings, many ceramics and works in glass, and an unknown number of works of all kinds now lost. 346 more words


Easter holiday sketchbook

I haven’t been into the studio for an entire week! It’s been glorious, and now I remember what air smells like when it’s not turpentine flavoured. 329 more words