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i manca così tanto che le parole non bastano.


Paris, Paree, Parigi

The first, admittedly questionable, truism is that it isn’t 100 % clear how Paris got its status of celebrity. It doesn’t deserve notoriety either. It’s like one of those weird-looking top models with an awkward nose, sallow face and grey eyes that get more work than their better looking peers. 951 more words

European Cities

She's Always a Sight to Behold

I pass by her everyday. I don’t deliberately go all out to stalk her. It’s just that she’s always within my vision as I get home, as though greeting me hello and good night. 67 more words


Tour of Eiffel

Staying off the beaten track and avoiding the tourist trail in Paris like the seasoned traveller that I am. I would tell you where this place is but I don’t think I could find it again if I even tried.

The Rest

Travelling in Style - Paris

Paris, Paris Paris, THE city of LOVE. Many have complained that it’s cold and the people aren’t that nice. But seriously, what’s not to like about Paris? 689 more words


Three Days in Paris (plus Hotel Renaissance Le Parc Trocadero & InterContinental Le Grand Hotel)

Oh, Paris…

What a truly a romantic city, even during the gloomy wintertime you are…! Your history, your monuments, your museums, your food – everything you says speaks about Romanticism. 1,590 more words