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Benefits of Joining A Tour Group

I recently returned from a tour with Gate 1 Travel through Venice, Florence, and Rome in Italy. This was my third time traveling with a tour company, and although I’m a fairly independent traveler I enjoyed it. 988 more words

Travel Reads

traveling and tourist traps

Traveling and tourist traps are never a good combination in my opinion. Nothing makes my inner beast roar more than being stuck in a crowded tourist site amongst pushy tour groups who just want to snap a photo and move on. 965 more words


How To Book A Tour For Galápagos Islands


Few places in the world can inspire, enrich and deepen our appreciation for nature the way Galápagos Islands can, ever since humans first step foot on its shores centuries ago. 3,004 more words


Who you travel with…

Makes all the difference.

So, I’ve been thinking about travel…

And with a blog like this, this shouldn’t be a surprise… at all.

What I’ve been thinking about, however, is that throughout my 24 years on this earth, I’ve been lucky enough to travel around quite a bit and, in this time, I’ve only been blogging (or really writing about much of it at all) for just over a year and a half and then only really covering travels from the last three(ish) years. 1,512 more words


Tour Guides

A tour guide is the one person who makes or breaks a tour. One who is slightly racist definitely makes a tour more interesting, that’s for sure. 165 more words

When I Am Not Travelling, The Next Best Thing Is...

Seeing someone else experience travel overseas for the first time!

Nothing could have made me happier :) than to hear my in-laws (in their 70s) fell in love with their first trip outside of North America. 88 more words



We are coming to the end of a very relaxed visit to Salzburg. The sun finally came out today, giving us a chance to take a cable car up a mountain not too far from the city. 380 more words