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Greater China to overtake UK visits to Canada in 2017

Synopsis:  China should become the #1 source of overseas travellers to Canada by 2018. In the meantime, Greater China should be overtaking UK visits to Canada. 703 more words

Warren Wood, Buckhurst Hill, Essex

The Warren Wood was an odd little pub.  It isn’t especially near a bunch of housing that I could tell of but it definitely had the atmosphere of a local.   102 more words

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London Outer Orbital Path (Sections 19-21)

Still trying to finish the LOOP by the end of May, I continued Sunday in Chingford where I last broke from the path.  It was a beautiful and warm day and I could have used a hat for my balding pate. 379 more words

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Tiger, Homerton, London

Few hipster bars actually do things (anything) right.  Most of them should take a few tips from the Tiger but even then they would probably fuck things up by trying to improve, or copy, or just irony the shit out of things.   263 more words

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Eagle, Stratford, London

There’s nothing more grand than a pub like the Eagle.  The guy with the scissors is cutting out racing dockets from several newspapers and every so often one or another of the other lads comes and gets him to place a bet (unlike at… 172 more words

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London A to Z Runs : O

As the A to Z runs continue, I was going to do O for Orpington but it is way down at the southern extremes of what can be called London and I just did a run through the area last week.   368 more words