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Controlling the story content quality

As professional writers do when editing their works, content creators should also follow a protocol to ensure a minimum quality standard of the branded content. This protocol consists of a check list to ensure that the content complies with certain requirements. 262 more words

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Setting the story style

As for all the marketing materials, brand storytelling has to follow certain guidelines that are usually detailed in the corporate content marketing style guide.

In the case of destinations, where many amateur writers are to participate, this style guide plays an especially important role. 354 more words

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Member discount: Alaska Beyond Magazine ad space

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Strategies to foster story virality

Based on the factors that have proved to foster virality, there are three main strategy recommendations:

Design your content to provoke an emotional reaction. Arousing a sense of amusement, surprise, anger, solidarity or affection is likely to foster sharing among the audience. 349 more words

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What makes stories go viral?

One of the most desired effects of content creation and delivery is to make it go viral. Despite the fact there is not any magical formula to do so, there are many strategies and tactics that increase the chances of stories going viral. 222 more words

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Content media strategy in transmedia storytelling

The media mix for storytelling marketing is likely to be different for every campaign. There are three main categories of media channels to consider: paid channels (advertisements and sponsorships), own channels (website and own social media pages) and followers’ channels (content created by followers, journalists, bloggers). 271 more words

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