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Cross-destination competitiveness programs: developing experiences

Charming transport systems. In line with the aforementioned congestion challenges, a smart solution to both release congestion and boost visits to the least popular sites is to develop charming transport systems connecting all sites and attractions throughout the destination. 319 more words

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Tech Summit: Lessons in destination marketing for 2017

Learning from your peers can be some of the most beneficial lessons out there – and such was the case for Travel Juneau staff at this year’s DMA West Tech Summit. 294 more words


Product competitiveness assessment method

 Every type of product or business has a series of key success factors that ensure somehow its capacity to attract clients and compete with the best products of its category, at least within a market segment. 744 more words

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Destination models’ product & market related variables

There are many variables to be considered when defining a destination model, and so several models may be designed based upon different combinations of these variables. 341 more words

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Travel Juneau at Go West Summit: international markets galore

Each year suppliers representing destinations, properties and attractions from across the American West pour into the Go West Summit. Over the course of the week, these suppliers network with… 73 more words

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Storytelling training process: assembling the pieces and reviewing the story

When all the audio and visual pieces have been found or created, it is time to first decide how to structure the story, and then to put them together with the narrative to see how they work. 423 more words

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Travel Juneau is on the road selling Juneau

Travel Juneau is off and running, promoting the heck out of Juneau this past couple of weeks. We know this place is magic and it was exciting to share that with everyone from media to potential visitors. 181 more words

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