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Future story trends: audience’s future needs and desires

So far, stories had the power of drawing flows of tourists who wanted to know where the story they had read or seen in a film took place, and re-imagine the story in the real place, as a matter of curiosity. 548 more words

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Outdoor Adventure Show in Vancouver, B.C.

Travel Juneau is excited to extend an invitation to join us at B.C.’s largest showcase of outdoor gear and adventure travel experiences, March 4th & 5th, 2017.  41 more words

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Types of stories

In marketing destinations, stories may be real or realistic fiction. In this respect, it is advisable that the author states at some point whether the story is or not real, no matter whether the character names are changed to protect their privacy. 616 more words

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The seven stages of a story

In adding depth to the story plot, according to the master storyteller Joe Lambert, there may be distinguished seven stages through which the story flows: 335 more words

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What makes stories compelling

Compelling stories are those that not only move people to share and take action but also engage the audience in a way that they are willing to follow the story with more chapters. 663 more words

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Destination Branding - Wonderful Indonesia (2)

Menyambung artikel terdahulu, mari kita bahas tentang Destination Branding lebih lanjut.

Mengenal Brand lebih dekat.

Di Indonesia, Brand pada umumnya difahami sebagai “merek” atau merek dagang ( 881 more words

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Storytelling to build emotional connection

A destination becomes a brand when it evokes emotions and when people talk about how the destination experience has changed their lives rather than about the specific features of the tourism services and the facilities. 154 more words

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