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Storytelling training process: assembling the pieces and reviewing the story

When all the audio and visual pieces have been found or created, it is time to first decide how to structure the story, and then to put them together with the narrative to see how they work. 423 more words

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Travel Juneau is on the road selling Juneau

Travel Juneau is off and running, promoting the heck out of Juneau this past couple of weeks. We know this place is magic and it was exciting to share that with everyone from media to potential visitors. 181 more words

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Storytelling training process: finding visual supports and audio content

In the case of the Digital Storytelling, the next step is to find images or videos to support the story. To do so, storytellers have to first describe the images that come to their mind when recalling the story, understand the messages and emotional contents embedded in every image, find or create such images or videos, and combine them with the written or audio content in the best way to convey the intended message and emotions. 425 more words

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Types of storytelling training workshops

Based on this common framework, specific workshops add and adapt contents according to their specific goals, as explained in the following points:

Story circle workshop is to help participants in crafting and sharing their personal story. 572 more words

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Be on the lookout for the all-new TravelJuneau.com

Coming early March, we’ll be unveiling a revitalized Travel Juneau website. We are excited to be launching a whole new visitor experience, built from scratch. 22 more words


Storytelling training workshops

Even if the opportunities to tell stories have always existed as a part of intra-community communication and more recently for marketing purposes, very few people have ever been trained to do so, including most marketers. 343 more words

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Monitoring results

As for all strategies, storytelling results need to be monitored to evaluate its effectiveness in terms of the marketing goals. The success of storytelling marketing is mainly measured by the extent to which stories become the focus of conversations. 390 more words

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