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The Marketing Plan 3.0 infrastructure: social media pages

A particular kind of infrastructure for the development of Marketing 3.0 is the social media corporate page or account. This page is the platform where all the content delivered throughout the network can be found, and so it is the face of the brand in the eyes of the brand followers. 523 more words

Marketing 3.0

The Marketing Plan 3.0 infrastructure: online platforms and database

In relation to all the new strategies to deploy Destination marketing 3.0, there are their corresponding infrastructures and tactics to implement the strategic guidelines. As explained for every strategy, the existing tools and activities are to keep on functioning as long as they are profitable enough. 449 more words

Marketing 3.0

The Marketing Plan 3.0 Product strategy: merchandise product line

Apart from the tourism products, the new marketing system intends to leverage the open innovation contributors’ talent in creating attractive designs for merchandise products such as t-shirts, caps, umbrellas, bags, school material, and other souvenirs or gadgets. 245 more words


The Marketing Plan 3.0 Product strategy: improving competitiveness

Beyond the new products lines development, it is convenient to keep on improving the existing ones based on enhancing value and reducing efforts for the tourist. 237 more words

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The Marketing Plan 3.0 Product strategy: developing life-changing experiences

The life-changing experiences are what sets the destination apart from others and somehow the main reason why the destination is to become popular through the stories. 159 more words

Marketing 3.0

Why Video Is So Important In Tourism And Destination Marketing

Film and video are an important aspect of any organisation’s successful digital marketing plan. If your marketing strategy includes film, then it will work so much harder and better for you. 746 more words


The Marketing Plan 3.0 Product strategy: developing special interest experiences

One of the main innovations of Destination marketing 3.0 is the development of new product lines which require specific strategies for its creation and sale. The Special Interest experiences have to be developed in cooperation with expert consultants and the Special interest Travel Agents who are to become our Channel Partners at the outset. 261 more words

Marketing 3.0