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Road Trip: Final Stop in Salt Lake

We left San Francisco rather early on the 26th day of our trip and headed east. We planned to get in over ten hours of driving for the day, landing somewhere around Salt Lake City for the night. 281 more words


For the past 40 years, social tourism has struggled for recognition in the UK. What now?

While on a family break earlier this year, my wife, daughter and I were strolling along a Majorcan beach, its thin strip of white sand framed by pine trees, and we delighted in soaking up the utter idyll of it all.  1,235 more words



This floating city was initially inhabited by mainland Italians seeking refuge from Barbarians who conquered Northern Europe after the Roman Empire collapsed. Venice is supported by a massive platform of wooden stakes that were driven into the ground back in the 5th century. 91 more words


Animal War Memorial Dispensery and Tin Tabernacle

I looked up for a moment from the bus stop and spotted a massive bronze casting over the doors to a house with “Animals War Memorial Dispensary… 134 more words


Heading West: Sumbawa to Bali.

Sape, Sumbawa. Wednesday 27th September 2017.

It’s been good fun travelling with Dan, which is been a bit of a surprise really. Apart from a few days down in Tasmania, when I hooked up with a young English visitor, my 106,000 plus kilometres have been solo. 4,295 more words

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Secret of the South Atlantic

By Linda Tancs

One of the world’s remotest islands, St. Helena may very well be one of the South Atlantic’s best kept secrets. Of course, history buffs know that it’s the locale where the British exiled Napoleon after his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo. 114 more words