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WRC Rules Tournament on 10 December 2017!

The tournament details are quite similar except that the venue will be at Nee Soon South!




by Deo (Skyveld)

My hands were cold, the air was crisp, and Keith was wearing a suit – I was still asleep, surely. Nope, his jokes were still bad so it definitely wasn’t a dream. 786 more words


Ultitude's Great Weekend

by Becca Velez (Ultitude)

There are obvious drawbacks to writing a summary weeks after a tournament has taken place. Details will be omitted; throws and scores will be forgotten; that amazing play that one teammate replayed over for weeks will be briefed over without circumstance. 602 more words


Learn from your mistakes PART 1

Do you recall the post I made about learning from your mistakes while you’re practicing and after a tournament? Well those are not the only times to learn new techniques before you get back on the battle field. 358 more words

World's Best Smash 4 Player Is Worn Down By Haters And Harassment

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

For 13 minutes, Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios’ face barely moved. It was the Grand Finals match of a Super Smash Bros. Wii U tournament, and Barrios, the best Smash player in the world, was squaring off against a formidable opponent. 2,719 more words


Wild Card #2: Keep on Truckin'

Mazorca VS. Gypsy Taco

Our second and final Wild Card match-up pits two venues that lost their mobility, but found fantastic rest stops.  After the insanely rookie mistake of doubling up on taco-stops back to back, this time we ensured to give each taco stop their own days for us to truly ingest and revel in their different styles without influencing our gut instincts at their rival.  1,334 more words


SNC volleyball tournament action

(First published in the Clay County News, Oct. 18, 2017) 

Opening Day

Third-seed Sandy Creek defeated Milford in the Cougars’ first game of the conference tournament Monday. 350 more words

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