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Royal Squad

Royal Squad

Dev: Idengames

Can be found: Kongregate (No badges yet), Maxgames.com, Idengames.com. (probably many others, google if you like.)

How I found it: I found it under the “Hot New Games” section on Kongregate. 311 more words

Game Review

Flash games to kill time

Of course, sometimes I make break to have a rest at my job playing some simple flash game. For more than 10 year I played many of them. 142 more words

Dungeon Defenders II hands-on preview – free-to-play done right?

Could a co-operative mix of Tower Defense and Diablo be the first game to legitimise free-to-play gaming on the PlayStation 4?

When reviewing the recent… 746 more words


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I was fortunate enough to play Dungeon Defenders I on Android via both Google Play (before Trendy took it down) and Humble Bundle, and loved it. I'm itching to try DDII when it becomes available. With my new higher-spec laptop currently happily playing both League of Legends and World of Warcraft, I've become more active on Steam, and found that DDII is now available as an Early Access on there. So if you're keen for your DD fix, take a look there. Currently Windows-only, though. :(

Way of Defence

My Rating:

☆☆☆☆☆ (out of 5)


This game is quite addicting with its unique gameplay and TD style.

Game Description: 39 more words

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Star Wars: Galactic Defense (Review)

If you enjoy tower defence games in the vein of Kingdom Rush or Bloons, you’ll love Star Wars:Galactic Defense developed by DeNA. This game takes the rich Star Wars universe and fuses it with tower defence. 273 more words


Bragtoberfest: Tower Defence Quickies

The refreshing thing about Bragtoberfest has been the opportunity to play a broader spectrum of games than the habitual rut I’ve fallen into – where I cycle between dailies in GW2, dailies in Path of Exile and then spend the rest of the night in Minecraft with no real idea of what to do next but jetpack around like a bee and dip a toe into the next branch of things-to-do, only to discover that it’s a lot more complex than one bargained for. 497 more words


Update #1

Hi All,

Me and my team are a new indie team and we are working on the early development stages of a new tower defence game, which will be using the unreal technology. 30 more words

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