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Game Review: Pixeljunk Monsters 2

Format: PS4 (tested), PC, Switch

Released: May 2018

Tower Defence games have come on leaps and bounds over the past decade and it’s been that since Pixeljunk Monsters, and then the expanded Encore game out. 1,064 more words


85 Hours In: They Are Billions

I started writing this at 39 hours. Then I started writing it again at 62 hours. Finally, here I am at 85 hours. Infection has set in. 3,408 more words


Dungeon Defenders 2: Review

The original Dungeon Defenders was one of my favorite games on the PlayStation 3 and now years later the same can be said for its big brother on PS4. 1,104 more words


Merciless Warrior

Royal Defense • Destroy 1000 enemies

For some strange reason, I earned a whole heap of achievements in AdVenture Capitalist today that don’t appear on my Steam achievement list, nor in the game achievements either. 251 more words


Forgive Me My Henchmen Kickstarter Now Live

A few weeks ago I reported on an interesting new indie game called Forgive Me My Henchmen, developed by 89 doors developer Blake McDeezy.  In the game you play as a Die Hard style villain and have to place your Henchmen to guard the building from a gun-toting John McLean style vigilante in order to stop the hero and carry out your evil plans.   194 more words


Blake McDeezy Shares More Info On Forgive Me My Henchmen

*Update: Due to Blake McDeezy being out of office the new gameplay trailer for Forgive Me My Henchmen was a little late in being uploaded.  But he has just sent me the link so you can watch it now below.   279 more words


Review: Bad Hotel

A quick paced tower defense, Bad Hotel (by Lucky Frame) has a different approach than most in the genre. You’re only protecting one block, so you might as well just build onto that one block while everything else tries to kill you. 265 more words

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