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What the Right Isn't Getting

It’s stunning that so many on the right don’t get this – if Rubio won, none of this would be happening. We would be upset, yes, but horrified, frightened, stunned, disgusted?? 247 more words

Proof That Town Halls Are Being Organized By Paid Groups

Last week we brought you a segment from CNN¬†that showed their bias in favor toward liberal protest groups. They covered the recent town halls and conducted a sham investigation that concluded that none of the town halls were being “astroturfed.” They came to this conclusion because they didn’t ask any tough questions or do any investigative reporting like media organizations are supposed to do. 135 more words


2017--Sh*t Happens

Does anyone remember back to the Dark Ages……the Obama years?¬† 2009 the Dems would try to hold their local town halls for a meet and greet with their voters…..they were disastrous….yelling, screaming, chanting and other assorted chaotic meetings. 135 more words


MSM: Give Third Parties More Exposure

Believe it or not there are other candidates for the presidency beyond the corrupted 2 parties we hear about every day.

The Mainstream Media could do the right thing and let the American people know they have more choices than tweedle-dee and Tweedle -dum…….as a matter of fact CNN has gained some support from the town halls they held with Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson….. 419 more words