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A Landgraab Thanksgiving

The Landgraabs settled into Brindleton Bay with their new dog, Madden. Between getting their estate transferred from Newcrest and the adoption, Thanksgiving had approached in no time and Nancy was in no mood to take on the holiday. 639 more words



Hello again my non existent readers, I wrote a very personal article for 101India (check it out, it’s a website worth browsing) and received very positive feedback on it. 39 more words


Downtown Ann Arbor

So right around now, there are tons of young people in downtown Ann Arbor because of freshman orientation sessions for the incoming class of ’21 of the University of Michigan. 290 more words


#TransformationTuesday Townie: Nina Caliente

Nina is the elder of 1/2 of the Caliente sisters in the sims for console. She’s described as a mooch, a bit hotheaded and on a similar quest as her sister in life, to find the right guy to ride off into the sunset with. 209 more words


#TransformationTuesday Townie: Dina Caliente

The Caliente sisters are a fan favorite in the Sims 2 and I chose the console versions to recreate and move into my current Let’s Play. 283 more words


#TransformationTuesday Townie: Malcolm Landgrabb

I was introduced to Malcolm Landgrabb in my first play of The Sims for PlayStation 2. He was always the guy you needed to win over in order to advance to the top and at the end of the game, move into his estate. 334 more words


#TransformationTuesday Townie: Cassandra Goth

If you are a lover of the sims, there wouldn’t be a more appropriate townie to begin this Let’s Play Makeover Series than Cassandra Goth. She was introduced to The Sims 1 in her child stage along with her parents, Mortimer and Bella Goth. 386 more words