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Rainy street

Watercolour. 18 x 27cm. Using a very wet on wet technique to create a rainy atmosphere. Available for purchase.


Townscape photoshop 

In both these edits, before i layered the images i changed the colours, brightness & contrast in the pictures and changed the opacity while layering them so the background image will show through slightly. 37 more words


Art Essay - Perspective/Townscape

The Urban Environment –

Kieran Macdonald

Camilla Dowse

This painting by Camilla Dowse was painted using acrylic paint on gessoed paper, unsure as to when exactly this piece was painted, I am confident in saying that it is relatively new, I am particularly fond of this piece of work due to its subtle nature, low contrast, cool colour and the rainy-day, melancholy morning feeling, for me personally, this painting delivers a bitter-sweet sadness, invokes a level of mystery and is perfectly contrasted by the brighter, jollier yellow tones on the upper parts of the buildings and the deceptively bright sky, fading to a meek grey as your eyes scan upwards. 883 more words



I liked the distribution of the figures set amongst all the amorphous forms, some backlit and some in shadow and the fat pigeon waddling up the centre aisle. 11 more words


My photos 2016 part 12

These are a few of my photographs from December 2016. After getting a print made for the Northern Footprints show (early 2017), I concentrated on taking photos of buildings around the Ouseburn Valley area. 175 more words


My photos 2016 part 10

A few of my photographs from October 2016 when I was busy finishing prints for exhibitions, going to launches or visiting exhibitions and trying to promote them, starting work on the next new print to submit for the Northern Footprints show early in 2017. 33 more words


My photos 2016 part 8

A few of my photos from August 2016. I was doing quite a lot of printmaking in preparation for an international print exchange, learning more about letterpress, and working on my contributions to a couple of exhibitions. 39 more words