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This was from a watercolour sketch I did on site and some photos. I am a little disappointed with the outcome, but I’ll post it anyway. 113 more words

Town v Country



On exhibition at the Steward Gallery at the Clitheroe Castle

from 8th August 2015

Town versus country – In those two pictures I am showing  at the exhibition, I am trying to display the distinct contrasts between the busy town and an empty, vast environment where the only feature is a dry-stone wall burying itself into the landscape. 229 more words

New Work

Queen Theatre

I didn’t notice it immediately because it’s normal to my Australian eye, but the spelling of ‘theatre’ here is rather unusual. The Queen Theatre, in Lahaina, now houses one of Front Street’s many commercial galleries. 42 more words


Sometimes it just goes wrong; then what?

This painting was going wrong; everything about it was wrong. I got quite close to putting a coat of emulsion over it and starting again on another idea. 459 more words

Current Work

Work in progress; update

It’s been hard to get going again; a forced break while we installed a new kitchen came just at the wrong time. I had a few good ideas which seemed to be getting sorted but.. 181 more words

Current Work