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When I was torn awake by my alarm, I was in two minds whether to get up or not. Staying in a hostel dorm there was almost an obligation to get up having probably woken my roommates up at the same time as myself. 2,410 more words


Into the Tropics

It was by now a familiar route as the ferry left Airlie Beach behind and headed towards Hamilton Island, the main island in the Whitsundays archipelago. 2,033 more words


Happy Birthday Chicky and just a little luck on the Races! - Day 289 - 3 November

Today is the 3rd of November and it being this date means that is my dear wife’s birthday, so I would like to start off my garblings about today by taking a bit of time out to wish her a Happy Birthday and to thank her for all she continually does for me both here and when we are at home. 1,132 more words


出行前有同事跟我说,Townsville没什么好看,可以不需要停留太久。于是我们头尾加起来就在Townsville逗留了一天,中间有两天三夜去了Magnetic Island。

从Airlie Beach到Townsville,有Greybound长途巴士接驳,费用约50澳元一个人,适合不喜欢或不会开车的人。我们会开车,但嫌辛苦,带着父母又挺麻烦的,所以选择坐长途巴士。巴士体验不错,很平稳,休息得很好。

Townsville是北昆州的大镇,是由Robert Towns资助开发港口而发展起来。Towns先生只来过这里短暂逗留过一次,其作用无非是提供资金。Townsville最初的发展,跟澳洲其他地方相似,都是以白人驱逐、灭绝土著人为前提,充满血腥和暴力。纪念的是白人的功绩,隐藏的是土著人的血泪史。当然也有观点是白人给土著人带来文明和教育,给这片荒芜之地带来昌盛繁荣。这就是历史的两面,有消极和积极,很难说清楚,但不容否认其中的一面。


唯一可惜的是,这里的海水带有大量泥土,水质不好。又因为致命水母和鳄鱼,只能在网内或Rock pool内游水。我觉得,游水大可以去Magnetic Island,Townsville呢,就是适合悠哉悠哉地步行闲逛。

顺便一提的是我们住的Reef Lodge是背包客的便宜价格,但非常舒服。扎马尾的旅馆主人非常有范,到过西藏,在日本学过击剑,在接待处摆着一个很昂贵的日本武士盔甲,一个长长的水族鱼缸,一个鳄鱼头骨,一个大蜘蛛标本等等。

东西游记-my Travel

Ian's Bird of the Moment - Eastern Grass Owl

Seeing as Bird of the Moment has been such a rarity lately, I thought I’d finish the year on a special note. So here’s a species that I always wanted to photograph, but never thought I would: maybe on the ‘if the god(s) is/are kind bucket list’. 620 more words


A Super(jesus) Summer Festival Ahead

As a teenager growing up watching summer festivals like Livid and Homebake, with Aussie bands taking the main stages with gusto, women fronting bands like… 1,826 more words