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QLD Shipwrecks


Over 100 years ago the steam ship Yongala sank in a cyclone in the great barrier reef marine park (That’s 1year after the titanic sank) one of the most tragic maritime disasters in Australia, the “Yongala” now lies in the marine environment located just a few miles from Alva beach, the wreck lies on its starboard side, 14metres deep on the and 28metres on the sand. 202 more words

Adventure Travel

Rocked back to Rocky

Yes, here I am back in Rocky bumming off Stella again. I got in at around 2:30pm after 6hrs driving. It is quite a nice drive but I was exhausted and lolled around until Stella got home from work. 74 more words

Crikey its a Croc

With almost as many crocodiles as people in the north, (slight exaggeration ….;oD)  you will be sure to come across them in Territory waterways, there are more crocodiles in the Northern Territory then anywhere else in the world. 323 more words

Research is a waiting game...

Weeeeeellll! No luck today nobody wants to talk to me regarding the Pyramid it seems, and nor does anyone from the Kabi Kabi.

I am terribly disappointed and will keep trying but if I still have not been contacted by the time I’m ready to publish then I will just go ahead. 122 more words

New Zealand South Island and Australia

After a hard week of skiing came a hard week of driving around New Zealand’s South Island; yes, I know, it’s a hard life isn’t it. 1,384 more words

New Zealand


This morning  I ran away from home. I threw a few things in a suitcase, jumped in the car and the dog and I set off on an adventure. 257 more words

Townsville Shooting: Good Thing Life Doesn't Have Auto Aim

First, it’s unfortunate that there was yet another school shooting on American soil. It’s troubling whenever a young teenager is enraged enough to want to murder kids in school as if it would mean something in the end. 897 more words