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Unpacking Towson as a 'sanctuary campus'

A petition that’s addressed to Towson President Kim Schatzel, demanding that Towson University become a “sanctuary school” started circulating online before Thanksgiving break—and students are still pushing for action. 847 more words


College campuses are unsafe… but only for Women

You would think that, over time, college campuses would become more safe, with the increasing amounts of money being poured into the university system year after year. 913 more words


Reflections, part II -

When I was 18, I felt like I knew everything.  I’m sure all college students aren’t like that, but I was.  Looking back, I knew el zippo.   1,415 more words

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Reflections on being a full-time student and mom - part 1

As the semester wraps up, I thought a little reflection was in order.

We took the plunge when I registered full-time at Towson University this semester.   698 more words

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Election Results Rocks Towson University Campus

The recent presidential election has taken the country by storm. This is no different at a Towson University. Students across campus share a wide variety of thoughts and feelings regarding the past couple weeks after finding out the results. 42 more words

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Towson University Unity Rally Brings Students and Staff Together

With the election season finally being over, some voters can breathe a sigh of relief.  For the rest of the voters there is a troubled four years ahead of them with Donald Trump being the next President of the United States.  51 more words

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A Short Film a Day Keeps the...

Paperman is a short Pixar film made by John Kahrs that conveys the law of attraction through carefully folded office stationary.

However, like another favorite of mine called, … 382 more words

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