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Toxic cosmetics

By Glauce Fleury

Finding a simple coconut-based moisturizer on the shelves could require Ethan Hunt’s skills. I’m not kidding. This week I felt like Tom Cruise in one of the sequences of Mission Impossible. 528 more words


Toxic chemicals in cosmetics

What are toxic chemicals? The dictionary definition is; affected with or caused by a toxin or poisonous substance; a toxic condition acting as or having the effect of a poison; poisonous: a toxic drug; causing unpleasant feelings; harmful. 1,401 more words

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Chemical Exposure Through Cosmetics

It is perhaps a well-known fact that most women (and men) cosmetics contain a myriad of toxic chemicals, including hormone-disrupting chemicals. Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley… 329 more words

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"Think Dirty" - Shop Clean

Having trouble keeping track of what is in your beauty and personal care products?

The standards in the Federal Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics Act (passed in 1938) contains limited regulations of cosmetics.  140 more words


Beware with Toxic Makeup Products

Picking for lethal free makeups is the preeminent entity that you may fix to your skin, and your fitness other than the milieu. Ornamental your loveliness through products like vegetable prepared mineral makeup and animal cosmetics is the different method to endorse long term healthiness. 385 more words

Toxic Cosmetics