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Embracing the Journey: Here we go, again.

There comes a time when you know you are on the right path, you know many things are going the right direction and then, all of a sudden that direction and path completely take a massive left turn into uncertainty. 1,951 more words


Ignored Feelings

Wow! I finally did it. Started my own blog, with no strings attached, no limitations, and FOR GOODNESS SAKES NO RULES. These are and will be my own thoughts as they flow out of me. 388 more words


Embracing the Journey: Part 2, Root Causes to Disease

“There’s a small area on the left side of my jaw that hurts when I take the liquid supplements.” 

A simple statement that we didn’t explore. 1,313 more words


An Antidote to Toxic People

By Monique Kowitz

We’ve all encountered them, be it the boss who bullies and demeans you, the colleague who revels in making you look bad, the difficult neighbour, the family member who brings drama every time you see or speak them, or the best friend who constantly flakes on you. 601 more words

Medical School

Breaking Old, Toxic Patterns

This past weekend, I found myself doing the one thing I feared I would be doing —  Reminiscing obsessively on the one night “romance” I had that Monday.   723 more words

On helping.

“Our help is usually not very helpful.
Our help is often toxic.
Help is the sunny side of control.
Stop helping so much.
Don’t get your help and goodness all over everybody. 17 more words