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Fluoride and Developmental Testicular Toxicity

Zhang S, Niu Q, Gao H, Ma R, Lei R, Zhang C, Xia T, Li P, Xu C, Wang C, Chen J, Dong L, Zhao Q, Wang A. 266 more words


The race to outsmart invasive plants before they get the best of us

Some climate change apocalypse narratives are inherently dramatic: thriving metropolises plunged underwater, “megadroughts” that could cause millions to be displaced. But there’s a far more prosaic danger that’s already underway: the human race may get taken down by weeds. 876 more words

toxicity, part III: legacy

You know how when someone pisses you off, like really bad, and suddenly, everyone else around you appears that much sweeter… and you find yourself immersed in a new found appreciation for the people you took for granted… 692 more words

Milestone Moments

How a baseball-sized tumor woke me up to the dangers of everyday chemicals

On a crisp fall afternoon a few years ago, I visited an orthopedist to have him look into some twinges I had been feeling in my left leg. 867 more words

The transfer of benzo[a]pyrene from microplastics to Artemia nauplii and further to zebrafish via a trophic food web experiment – CYP1A induction and visual tracking of persistent organic pollutants

The uptake of microplastic particles and the transfer of potential harmful substances along with microplastics has been studied in a variety of organisms, especially invertebrates. However, the potential accumulation of very small microplastic particles along food webs ending with vertebrate models has not been investigated so far. 194 more words


Implications of observed PBDE diffusion coefficients in low density polyethylene and silicone rubber

A film-stacking technique was used to estimate diffusion coefficients of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in low density polyethylene (LDPE) and silicone rubber. Substantially higher PBDE diffusion coefficients were observed for silicone rubber (AlteSil™) than for LDPE. 145 more words