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Ingestion of micro- and nanoplastics in Daphnia magna – Quantification of body burdens and assessment of feeding rates and reproduction

Evidence is increasing that micro- and nanoplastic particles can have adverse effects on aquatic organisms. Exposure studies have so far mainly been qualitative since quantitative measurements of particle ingestion are analytically challenging. 268 more words


Long-term toxicity of surface-charged polystyrene nanoplastics to marine planktonic species Dunaliella tertiolecta and Artemia franciscana

Plastic pollution has been globally recognized as a critical issue for marine ecosystems and nanoplastics constitute one of the last unexplored areas to understand the magnitude of this threat. 386 more words


The Impacts of Biofilm Formation on the Fate and Potential Effects of Microplastic in the Aquatic Environment

In the aquatic environment, Microplastic (MP; < 5 mm) is a cause of concern due to its persistence and potential adverse effects on biota. Studies on microlitter impacts are mostly based on virgin and spherical polymer particles as model MP. 177 more words


Community Responses to Toxic Hazards: A Reading List

Ulrich Beck writes that one of the defining features of modernity is that increased technological infrastructure means that some people are going to be burdened with risk and harm over which they have no control. 561 more words


My Tribe and My Haters

I am about to visit my boyfriend’s family.

I am excited to meet for the first time with his niece, the one that lives in Alaska. 254 more words


Stop Losing Your Shit Over These 8 People Who Do Not Matter

1. Shitty bosses.

They will come and go. And as soon as you both step outside that building, their power is gone. They’re totally irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. 638 more words