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Lethal toxicity of copper, a heavy metal and its effects on Gammarus pulex

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Wednesday October 18th, 2017

Lethal toxicity of copper, a heavy metal and its effects on Gammarus pulex

Gammarus pulex or the freshwater river shrimp as they are also known are interesting little creatures, amphipods belonging to the family Crustacea, Order Amphipoda. 750 more words

Gammarus Pulex

Validation Need for QSAR DBP Toxicity Models

Qin L, Zhang X, Chen Y, Mo L, Zeng H, Liang Y. Predictive QSAR Models for the Toxicity of Disinfection Byproducts. Molecules 2017 Oct 9;22(10). pii: E1671. 186 more words

Disinfection Byproducts

Biodegradability of plastics: challenges and misconceptions

Plastics are one of the most widely used materials and, in most cases, they are designed to have long life times. Thus, plastics contain a complex blend of stabilizers that prevent them from degrading too quickly. 122 more words


Ingestion of microplastics by freshwater Tubifex worms

Microplastic contamination of the aquatic environment is a global issue. Microplastics can be ingested by organisms leading to negative physiological impacts. The ingestion of microplastics by freshwater invertebrates has not been reported outside the laboratory. 169 more words


Mixture toxicity of nickel and microplastics with different functional groups on Daphnia magna

In recent years, discarded plastic has become an increasingly prevalent pollutant in aquatic ecosystems. These plastic wastes decompose into microplastics, which not only pose a direct threat to aquatic organisms but also an indirect threat via adsorption of other aquatic pollutants. 160 more words



You were a drug I never wanted to take but somehow got shoved through a syringe into my veins. And now the withdrawal has left me shaking. 67 more words

The Broken Art Series

The Broken Art Series

“Take a broken heart and turn it into art.”

-Carrie Fisher

I don’t want to lie to myself, I feel absolutely terrible. Truth be told, I’ve been through a rough time and finally, I am out of a toxic relationship.

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