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Movie Review: The Bay (2012)

In an extraordinary turn of events here we have a found-footage horror that avoids most of the pitfalls associated with the sub-genre resulting in a pretty entertaining movie! 506 more words

The Disc

Why I am not better - Methylation Problems

I have found out that I have a genetic defect/mutation along with several external factors (candida, birth control pills, high stress jobs, etc…) that have caused me to have Methylation deficiency. 685 more words

Creating Myelin

Analysis of the elemental composition of marine litter by field-portable-XRF

Marine litter represents a pervasive environmental problem that poses direct threats to wildlife and habitats. Indirectly, litter can also act as a vehicle for the exposure and bioaccumulation of chemicals that are associated with manufactured or processed solids. 271 more words


Microplastics on beaches: ingestion and behavioural consequences for beachhoppers

Microplastics are ubiquitous in the marine environment worldwide, and may cause a physical and chemical risk to marine organisms. Their small size makes them bioavailable to a range of organisms with evidence of ingestion at all levels of the marine ecosystem. 194 more words


System of a Down - but not quite out?

15 years on from arguably their greatest musical achievement, rumours are afoot that System of a Down could be back with brand new material.

If you believe everything you see on Instagram, then we can absolutely guarantee that the metal gods will be returning. 141 more words


Stand true

I am not a big believer in burning bridges completely. I am a big believer in leaving situations or people that are toxic and sometimes that means burning down that bridge completely, understandable ; but often there is a little path or connection to a person or place that remains. 495 more words