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Toxic Communities

After a long 10 months, I finally broke and loaded up League of Legends to fit in a few games in an effort to kick back, kill some time and relieve some boredom. 786 more words


Heavy Metal Toxicity: Background, Symptoms and Treatments

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Many of the elements that can be considered heavy metals have no known benefit for human physiology. Lead, mercury, and cadmium are prime examples of such “toxic metals.” Yet, other metals are essential to human biochemical processes. 1,142 more words


Never Feed the Trolls

Last night, while playing Overwatch with a few friends, I ran into a classic “internet tough guy.” Spouting the n-word, the c-word, and a constant stream of “lol rekt,” this guy embodied the average troll. 819 more words



Imagine waking up, one day, to the realisation you were being poisoned – slowly, but inexorably. The tell-tale signs had been there for the longest time, but you had convinced yourself that nobody had wanted you dead or debilitated so badly that they would engage in such a stealthy, patient, utterly sinister game. 2,463 more words

Normal Postgame Theatre

The following is a log I experienced today. It is worth sharing, if only because it went on for 20 minutes or so. 1,948 more words

Vitamin A: Deficiency, Benefits and Toxicity

Hey, guys! I’m so glad you’re back here for more juicy tips and facts. You’re definitely welcome. I promised to complete the article on vitamin A today so I’ll do just that. 907 more words


New liquorice warnings

Liquorice is a popular sweetener found in many soft drinks, food products, snacks and herbal medicines. It has a rich history as an old remedy that was used by ancient Egyptians and Assyrians made into a sweet liquid drink.  420 more words

Dangerous Foods