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Pinch Me

I woke up yesterday morning happy. “Was it a dream?” I wondered to myself, still in the deep fog of sleep. No, it wasn’t. Smiling, I recalled the events of the prior evening. 1,120 more words

The Things They Don't Tell Us

Who knows you. Your soul and choices. Your mistakes and successes. Your family battles. Tragedies, fears and joys. Your tears and your personal passions. Most importantly, your day to day. 457 more words


For What Its Worth

I love you, I screamed, like the desperate woman
Christ alive, what am I doing!!!
“Oh, my God, she hates me” replied he in kind… 63 more words


Harmful Cyanobacterial Material Production in the North Han River (South Korea): Genetic Potential and Temperature-Dependent Properties


Keonhee Kim, Chaehong Park, Youngdae Yoon and Soon-Jin Hwang

Cyanobacteria synthesize various harmful materials, including off-flavor substances and toxins, that are regarded as potential socio-economic and environmental hazards in freshwater systems, however, their production is still not well understood. 170 more words


Fandom: Passion vs. Toxicity

Being part of a fandom is a great thing. Fandom used to be a more solitary thing. If you loved a television show, for example, there was a limited group of people you could share that with. 944 more words


Vitamin D-Immune System-Cancer

This blog provides basic info on the reasons we need Vitamin D, sources, etc.  But, it also contains some information that I tripped over recently concerning an element called  1,544 more words

Health Issues

Correlation of cyanobacterial harmful bloom monitoring parameters: A case study on western Lake Erie


Hesam Zamankhan Malayeri, Mike Twardowski, James Sullivan, Timothy Moore and Hyeok Choi

Occurrence of cyanobacterial harmful blooms (CHBs) in water has caused serious concern to environmental and health authorities because of their potential to produce and release lethal biological toxins. 217 more words