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Thoughts on Toxicity II

Toxic Person tells me,
“I have good intentions,
so if anyone doesn’t take my actions well,
that’s their problem.”
They catch themselves
a second too late… 1,064 more words


Happier and Healthier

Reflections on personal growth, healthy relationships, and the power of a new haircut.  1,028 more words

Personal Reflection

Toxic Tumblr?

As a disclaimer, this is just from my personal experience on Tumblr, and my general opinion on the entire matter.  And granted, I understand if this is probably a bad idea for a first post, but I am going to anyway. 592 more words



In job interviews and leadership sessions, I’ve often come across the question, “What would you say is one of your strengths?” 1,164 more words

Personal Reflection

System Of A Down- Chop Suey

Chop Suey!

Չոփ Սուի*

Wake up (wake up)
Արթնացի՛ր (արթնացիր)։
Grab a brush and put a little make-up
Վերցրու՛ վրձինը և մի փոքր …

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The Hall Of Shadows Scares At Midsummer Scream

For Halloween and haunt enthusiasts, Halloween and horror conventions are the second best time of the year (Halloween season being the first best of course). The team behind Midsummer Scream chose to raise the bar to a new level with Halloween and horror conventions by  adding the Hall Of Shadows- an entire section of the convention center filled with mini haunts, sliders, and an army of monsters. 595 more words


energy burglars 

I’m not here to be nice to people.

I’m here to be nice to myself.
And those who aren’t ok with that
I aint gonna pander to them… 20 more words

Personal Blues