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Chuck Toxic People

Sometimes, it’s hard to let go of people who are a constant fixture in our lives. But, often, the people we need to let go, are the toxic ones. 307 more words


Remove Toxicity From Your Life, And You Will Actually Detox

“Sometimes you just need to detox the body.”

I’ve heard this countless times before, as if toxins stake territory and the only way to get them out is by drinking some terrible potion.   982 more words

Integrated Plastic Waste Management: Environmental and Improved Health Approaches

Plastics are integral part of society and have varied application. Plastics are composed of a network of molecular monomers bound together to form macromolecules. There are increasing concerns due to non degradability and generation of toxic gases on combustion during incineration. 185 more words


How Levaquin Tried to Kill Me, but I Fought Back

I have a very serious story to share. I’ve put off writing it for a number of reasons: fear that writing it down gives it more power or permanence in my life, fear that the story isn’t actually over, shame that I allowed this to happen at all, especially given what happened to… 3,346 more words

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Expectations v. Reality

Walking in to each functional medicine appointment, I don’t necessarily have a clear idea of what I expect to happen, but I do have a general feeling about how I think each conversation is going to go. 584 more words


Health and Truth: Are You Eating These Contaminated Foods?

Part of my mission as a health coach is to share information that can help keep you and your family healthy. You will want to… 300 more words


Marine litter, future prospects for research

As far back as 1870, i.e., about 150 years ago, Jules Verne described the accumulation of debris in the convergence zone of the North Atlantic Ocean in his famous novel entitled “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.” Many scientific reports have addressed this topic since and our main concern today is the ever increasing volume of marine litter invading the oceans in various and complex ways. 127 more words