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3 Simple Steps to Prevent an Early Death

With an endless buzz of contradictory diet and health trends telling you that everything you are eating and everything you do will lead to an early death, it becomes difficult to know what advice to listen to. 2,537 more words

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Toxins and weight gain

How toxins are not only making you fat but also keeping you fat

You exercise, watch your portion sizes in your diet, jog and go for plenty of walks and follow all the fat loss tips in your favourite blogs,magazines or social media sites… but you can’t quite get rid of that pocket of fat under the arms or around the belly?… Well, You’re not alone. 1,126 more words


Keep your pearly whites sparkling clean to maintain a healthy body and strong mind!

Here are some flossin’, good reasons why good dental hygiene should be top of mind and behind your toothbrush: 306 more words


‘Slow Death by Rubber Duck’ book sheds light on everyday exposure to toxic chemicals

The new 10th anniversary edition of the book ‘Slow Death by Rubber Duck’ examines health impacts and calls for stronger regulations against toxic chemicals in Canada and around the world. 260 more words

Just Say No

I’ve always believed that I should be careful about the chemicals and fragrances we were using in our home. Before Young Living changed our lives, I made my own cleaning products and candles. 428 more words

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"Just a little Bunny Statue"

I ordered a pretty little bunny statue from a catalog; she arrived today.   She was just as pretty as expected, but around her neck, hung an ominous tag. 182 more words

Life Musings From A Reiki Master And Intuitive Animal Communicator