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A Teen and a Toy Gun

Leah Sottile | Longreads | February 2018 | 33 minutes (8,200 words)


The night before Quanice Hayes was shot in the head by a police officer, the skinny 17-year-old was snapping selfies with his girlfriend in a seedy Portland, Oregon, motel room. 7,930 more words


Lawmakers warning against parents purchasing realistic toy guns

(WTNH)–There’s been a push by Connecticut lawmakers to protect children from guns. The toy gun debate is often a hot topic for parents. Many of them look so real that kids will mistake a deadly weapon for a toy. 379 more words


Why Our Family Doesn't Allow Toy Guns

It feels like not a week goes by without a news story about some horrific act of gun violence.  It’s happening all over the world.  And I don’t know if it’s because we have access to news twenty-four hours a day that it feels like it’s happening more and more often, or if, sadly, it really is happening more and more often. 35 more words

Lame Toys with Alex, Part 15-b: Dollar Dudes!

The other half of Team Budget Action Heroes, some more music originally went into this one for background but this was when I first encountered OpenShot’s fault for destroying .MP3 files at the 2:45 mark, dropping video to black and playing garbled sounds for the Inner-Most Circle of Hell. 27 more words


How the Children Play

He was irritated with me.

I probably should have explained why in the moment…

But I didn’t.

I probably should’ve told him that the rules were different when… 1,322 more words


Violence or Valor?

“I’ll get you now!!!!,” the child screams as he launches forward with his sword. Even if you don’t allow toys that look like weapons, Popsicle sticks start saying, “Bang, bang!,” sandwiches get bitten into gun shapes, and yard sticks become part of a young knight’s weaponry. 1,113 more words