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Turn in Your Toy Guns, I Don't Think So

So, I saw this article the other day.  It outrages me, to no end that the liberal nut jobs want to get rid of toy guns.   387 more words

2nd Ammendment

Toy Guns for Sale

53 Crescent Tec 8 $22

53 Crescent Tec 8 $22

52 Die Cast Pistol 45 $12

51 Die Cast Snubnose Pistol $12

51 Die Cast Snubnose Pistol $12… 248 more words

Cap Guns

Bang! Bang! Bang!

On my way to work this morning I saw this fragment of litter lying on the ground.

Obviously, it’s the outside edge of continuous-feed printer paper.   388 more words

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Still Possible...

Recently, I had a dream, the climactic moment looked a lot like this.

I wasn’t surprised when I woke and thought about it, because I had been memorizing Wildpeace, by Yehuda Amichia. 57 more words

Wertfrei Wednesday: We Are Who We Are

The past few days all media has been talking about #LeelahAlcorn, the Ohio teen who committed suicide after her Christian Parents refused to support her trans life, instead, rigidly and unbendingly referring to her as her male name and male pronouns, offering Christian therapists that denounced her as ‘selfish and evil’. 387 more words

Brick Oneil

Have A Very Sexist Christmas: Feminist Group Inserts Protest Notes In Barbie and Other Toys For Children To Discover

If you gave a Barbie to a child in France, you might want to check the box. The French feminist group FièrEs secretly inserted pamphlets into hundreds of barbie toys and plastic guns reading “this toy is sexist. 327 more words


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Feminist Scrooges in France have tried to ruin Christmas for parents and children, as discussed in this reblog from Professor Turley's site. These mentally ill narcissists really need to leave children out of their sick games.