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Why Have We Let High-Powered Magnets Be a Hazard to Our Kids for so Long?

We have been warning parents about high-powered magnets since 2007!

That’s when the first complaints started coming into the Consumer Product Safety Commission about kids swallowing small magnets that were falling out of toys or that were actually sold as toys to create patterns and build shapes. 414 more words

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7 Parts of the Compliance Certificate

If you’ve been following groups on Facebook, you may have seen the term “CPC” or “Children’s Product Certificate” thrown around from time to time, but what is it? 487 more words


What services do you offer?

Welcome!  You’ve taken one of the most important first steps of a successful, legal, and sustainable business!  By knowing about product safety compliance, you are able to keep your business as well as your consumers safer than before! 491 more words


I'm a consumer. What can I look for?

Hello, Consumer!

I’ve worked with creative artisans everywhere and we would like to give you a quick run-down of what “safety compliance” means in the USA. 503 more words


Better Half

I am going to have a little rant now, I’ll try to keep it entertaining.

You see a lot on TV and movies here a couple get married and the speeches are all about “two becoming one” and being “two halves of a whole” and I really don’t get it. 574 more words

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