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Happy 20th Anniversary, Toy Story

On November 22nd 1995, Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios released the first feature-length computer animated film.

Computer animation was unheard of at the time but now it seems like a regular thing. 526 more words


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Worth it: Guy Spends Two Years Recreating A Real-Life Andy's Room From Toy Story 3

This guy has way more time, talent and enthusiasm then I do for sure. Behold a real life recreation of Andy’s room from the movie Toy Story 3! 75 more words


Toy Story Fanatic Spends 2 Years Recreating Andy's Room

Toy Story 3 fanatic, The Pixarist, spent a whole 2 years recreating Andy’s bedroom, and it looks pretty damn near identical.  Him and some friends started recreating Toy Story 3 in 2011, and they felt they couldn’t successfully recreate the film without a realistic-looking Andy’s room. 12 more words


This Real-Life Replica Of Andy's Room From 'Toy Story 3' Is Unbelievable

Some very dedicated Toy Story fans took the time to make a 3D replica of Andy’s childhood bedroom — and the result will blow you away. 279 more words


A 'Toy Story' Superfan Created An Amazing Real-Life Replica Of Andy's Room

In another edition of The Internet Is Awesome, there exists a Tumblr that’s devoted to recreating scenes from Toy Story 3, the last film in the beloved… 288 more words


Dokta’s Search for Obscure Games #2: Toy Story 3 for PS3

So now, time to do a more of an overlooked game (PS3 version sold around a million copies but I really doubt that it hit a “core” audience like all of the well known games do as this was marketed towards children) then an obscure one. 416 more words