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Inside Out - Review


Mind Games

This dizzyingly good, brilliantly animated and incredibly emotional ride is one of the most original films in a long time, and is perhaps the most resonant film that Pixar have ever made. 812 more words


The Film Emotion Blogathon

Well would you look at that, I’m late to the party. I know, big surprise coming from me, the blogger who is cursed with giving late submissions and forgetting deadlines. 693 more words


Disney Pixar Fave

Growing up, I have been watching animated movies that helped me broaden my imagination. When we say animated movies, Disney & Pixar had given us epic and wonderful stories that we still adore up until now. 633 more words

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5 Kids Movies That Make Grown Men Cry

Good family movies appeal to kids of all ages. Great family movies appeal to people of all ages. The best movies will often include elements that only the adults will understand, while still providing entertainment for the kids. 622 more words

Torrent This

Pixar By Numbers - Part 4

With this week’s films, we see the end of Pixar’s critical high point and the beginning of a bit of a lull in film quality, though I tend to disagree with the critics here. 2,278 more words


Toy Story 3

“I wish I could always be with you.”

Audiences know the title says it all. A story about toys, simple as it seems. Pixar filmmakers continue to stretch their considerable talents while walking a fine line between the positive and negative aspects of having toys come to life. 748 more words

Michael Siebenaler

Pixar Blogathon: Toy Story 2 (1999)

We’ve seen plenty of sequels and prequels from Pixar lately.¬†Of the ten distinct “franchises” Pixar has created (Toy Story, A Bug’s Life… 885 more words