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Tibu = Power Chewer

Oh yes! Like most Frenchies I love a good chewing session on a tasty bone. Who could resist? Seriously!

The other day, Daddy brought me a new bone. 105 more words


Tibu = Everyone's friend

OK! So, Daddy came home the other day and immediately got me all excited because he was holding a shopping and I really wanted to know what was inside. 103 more words


Astarotte's Toy

This is a hard anime to review without first warning that this does contain Lolicon so if that offends you don’t even bother reading this review.  176 more words


Wooden Toy Wagon - Made in USA

Every kid needs a little wagon to haul their treasures around. This classic and eco-friendly wooden wagon toy comes replete with blocks and a traditional pull string. 23 more words


One Piece gacha

I got a new phone recently and wanted to get a keychain for it. I decided to get one from a gacha machine. One Piece is perfect because I don’t mind getting any one of the Straw hats.

I got Luffy! (bottom one)

Photo Diary

ReReview - Bionicle: the Mask of Light

The early 2000s were simpler times. Mobile Phones didn’t have the strangle hold they have on us today, Star Wars wasn’t good quality but we still watched it anyway and male kids played with some of the greatest toy lines in history. 2,272 more words