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Who Wood Have Guessed?

What It Is: Mental agility is having a bit of a moment right now. From the rise of escape rooms to the huge proliferation of brain training apps, it’s cooler than ever to sharpen your brain power. 159 more words

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Straighten Up and Fly Right

What It Is: Drones are all the rage right now, but really, electronic planes and other flying gizmos have been beloved by kids and the young at heart for decades now. 144 more words

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Racism in Toyland

So I read an article this week called “Racism in Toyland” by Christine L. Williams. This article is about the experiences and observations Williams has found throughout her career in relation to shopping trends. 308 more words


Colour Pop

What It Is: A way cute concept: bandoliers designed to hold your little one’s crayons. For the unfamiliar, a bandolier is more commonly used as a shoulder belt for stashing bullets – but that concept has been neutered with these charming cotton blend straps that ensure your child’s creative tools are always at their fingertips. 103 more words

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Deal 490: Elves Must Go.

Tough times prevail across all of toyland, the candy cane harvest is exceptionally poor, the plushie farmers can bring only threadbare and understuffed plushies to market, the great playground ball swamps are drying up, and on top of that the elves are demanding higher production, higher taxes, and offering lower prices at market, all of which suddenly flipped the teddy bears over the edge from cute and cuddly to toothy and scary. 59 more words

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My Santa

I don’t remember ever believing in Santa. Perhaps my  three older siblings caused an early doubt because of their transparent non-belief, or (my version) I was just too practical and too smart to accept the idea of such a magical person. 553 more words

Happy Thanksgiving!

   By Bob Shapiro

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving meant (among other things) that I would see two favorite movies on TV. One was Miracle on 34th Street – the original – and the other was Laurel Hardy in Babes in Toyland (also called March of the Wooden Soldiers). 57 more words