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Break the Code: Algobrix is Perfect for Teaching Kids Programming

What It Is: Programming is becoming as basic a skill as typing these days, with the next gen learning it from an earlier and earlier age. 160 more words

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To Infinity: Take Flight With This DIY Gift Idea

What It Is: This week’s eclipse has no doubt sparked the imaginations of at least a few future scientists and astronauts. If someone in your house is considering the cosmos more carefully, then you’ll want to check out today’s gift idea: The Estes Rocket Star Air Rocket Launch Set. 374 more words

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Level Up: Monopoly Gets the Nintendo Treatment

What It Is: A new iteration of Monopoly festooned with a Nintendo theme – one that extends well beyond what you’d expect. The most obvious changes of course, are gold coins have replaced Monopoly money, and you can play as one of four Nintendo superstars; Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach or Yoshi. 168 more words

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Rubik's Redux: Think You're a Puzzlemaster? Try This Mind-Melting Gift

What It Is: With the rise of the Fidget Spinner, I was reminded of another fad that swept the nation once upon a time – the Rubik’s Cube. 130 more words

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Brick by Brik

What It Is: Have you ever bought a laptop decal and become instantly bored? What about wall decals? Are the kids getting ‘artistic’ and scribbling on the walls? 473 more words

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Growing Up...An Adult...Or...Pajama Boy...

I wrote this almost 3 years ago…seems to apply today too…I heard this song again this year, just yesterday…it has become a Christmas song…one I have always liked…the song is “Toyland”, from an operetta by Victor Herbert…written in 1904…I will send along one of my blogs from February 2014…it talks about “growing up”, with references to “Field of Dreams”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Toyland” and other things…and it holds most of the “bones” of what I believe about the cold, hard facts about “growing up”…and the joy of that transformation…and where it leads… 1,509 more words