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From Reality to Model

I know what you are thinking “From Reality to Model” shouldn’t that be the other way around? As an engineer at Toyota for the past 24 years I often encounter manufacturing processes that have slowly de-optimized. 522 more words

General Simulation

If You Can't Solve a Problem, Try Common Sense

THERE’S a toothpaste factory with a major integrity concern. At times, they shipped hundreds of empty boxes without the tube inside to customers and distributors, who complain that the factory is cheating on them. 762 more words


Tools or Culture?

With our annual Northeast LEAN Conference just a few days away, I want to relate a personal story about the theme of this year’s conference, 502 more words

How It's Made: The Lean Mean Start-Up Machine

In Steve Blank’s, Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything, the successful entrepreneur and investor in start-ups claims that we now have the tools, environment, and knowledge to build lean starts-ups.  430 more words


Some Thoughts on the Toyota Production System

The Toyota production system (TPS) was not designed.

The technique we call the Toyota production system was born through our various efforts to catch up with the automotive industries of western advanced nations… 612 more words


Lean Society

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

This quote from George Orwell’s political allegory, Animal Farm, occurred to me recently as I listened to a design engineer explain to me how he was taught in college that engineers have a special responsibility to help their less able co-workers.  

524 more words

The Toyota Production System

This interview describes the Toyota Production System. Luis Almeida and Larry Edwards from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada’s Cambridge plant (who make the Toyota Corolla and Lexus RX350 and RX450H) answer questions which provide details on the characteristics of the system and how they make it work effectively. 17 more words

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