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Hockey yes, but ballet now!

By: John McNeil

Mike Rother wrote a book about Toyota and Lean in 2009. Toyota Kata describes the choreographed patterns of movements that comprise Toyota’s rigorous approaches to their work.  319 more words

Lean Consulting

A Tale of Two Communities

There was a time when “community” was narrowly defined as “a group of people living in the same place.” I have distant recollections of a Boy Scout merit badge that encouraged scouts to study the geography, history, government and local customs of their town. 454 more words

Old Lean Dude

Continuous Improvement Tool: Quality Circle

Kaoru Ishikawa, a professor at Tokyo University, is attributed with much of the development of the idea of quality circles. It created great excitement in the West in the 1980s, at a time when every Japanese management technique was treated with great respect. 511 more words


Three Keys to Lasting Success

What does it take to survive in the world of business? Among other things, it takes unswerving integrity, a commitment to excellence, and thoughtful innovation. Take away any one of these three elements, and the company’s days are numbered. 724 more words

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Musical Kata

I sang baritone and sometimes tenor in the St. John’s Lutheran Church choir according the key of the hymn were rehearsing and also depending upon who showed up for rehearsal. 618 more words

Old Lean Dude

Henry Ford: The Tale of Assembly Line

Henry Ford (1863 – 1947), one of the most influential industrialists in history, introduced his greatest innovations in October 1913 – the assembly line. The advance transformed the industry worldwide, and his mass-produced Model T helped create the American middle class. 492 more words


Gemba Walk

Most leadership teams’ assumptions about what is happening in the workplace on a day-to-day basis do not align with the reality of what is actually taking place. 451 more words