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In 1987, shortly after I became a manufacturing manager, the shop foreman at the time warned me about a young assembler: “Watch out for Michael, he’s tends to bend the rules. 576 more words

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First Ever Deming Education Conference

As regular readers of this blog know, my first book, The Man Who Discovered Quality, was about W. Edwards Deming, the management guru who helped transform Japanese industry after World War II–the Toyota Production System was developed in collaboration with Deming–and later helped “rescue” U.S. 359 more words


What is five why analysis?

This is our tenth article based on “Toyota Production system – Beyond large scale production by Taichii Ohno”.

This is a scientific method employed in Toyota manufacturing systems which lead to the discovery of many lean philosophies and tools used today. 129 more words

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Putting The Pieces Together

Summer’s here, and that means a family vacation to the beach, the boardwalk and the Hamilton’s favorite Pizza place.   We all agree that Manco’s pizza is the best anywhere, but we differ on the reason why. 612 more words

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Long-Term Sinking

This past week my organization, GBMP, moved from our home of twenty years at the Boston campus of the University of Massachusetts. The UMB College of Management needed more space and so did we, so we relocated to quarters that will afford room for our growing staff and dedicated training space for our customers.   552 more words

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Precisely Wrong

Last Thursday marked the fourth anniversary of the passing of someone who, while not typically credited as a “Lean” thinker, nevertheless had a profound impact on many Lean implementers. 705 more words

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From Ford to Lean: Don’t Push in Japanese

Once upon a time in Japan, an industrial engineer called Taiichi was in trouble. He was fascinated about the idea of reducing lead times in car manufacturing, but simply did not have an idea how to do it. 528 more words