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One of Shigeo Shingo’s popular status quo targets was engineers, whom he placed in three categories:

  • Table engineers—those who just sit around a table and talk about problems…
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Summer Memory

I was lucky that the first boss I ever had (at age 13) had much to teach at a point when I had much to learn.  820 more words

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The Story of NUMMI: The Difficulty of Changing Paradigms

Most people would probably tell you they don’t have a problem with change. The unspoken add-on should be, “as long as it doesn’t contradict my core beliefs.” Whether we realize it or not, we are prisoners of our own culture, ideas, and experience—i.e., our paradigms, and we must change them to find success. 502 more words

Change Management

Lean By Doing

Early along, as a student of the Toyota Production System (TPS), now referred to as “Lean,” I struggled with some of the concepts and systems.  For example, Shigeo Shingo’s claim that a four-hour machine setup could be reduced to less than ten minutes made me a skeptic. 519 more words

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Why is it so hard to stop the line?

Those of us who’ve adopted (and adapted) Lean software techniques owe a debt to Eiji Toyoda, and especially to Taiichi Ohno, who developed the… 674 more words

Work Topics

Peripheral Discoveries

The following post is inspired by The Teachings of Don Juan, an anthropological novel from the 1960’s written by Carlos Castaneda chronicling his travels with Don Juan, a Yaqui shaman.   786 more words

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Lean Management and Six Sigma: How do they differ?

There’s a seemingly eternal debate that takes place in organizations regarding the difference between Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma and if they are mutually exclusive. Toyota, in particular, is an organization which uses Lean Manufacturing methods, with a well known focus in the Toyota Production System (TPS). 819 more words

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