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Long-Term Sinking

This past week my organization, GBMP, moved from our home of twenty years at the Boston campus of the University of Massachusetts. The UMB College of Management needed more space and so did we, so we relocated to quarters that will afford room for our growing staff and dedicated training space for our customers.   552 more words

Old Lean Dude

Precisely Wrong

Last Thursday marked the fourth anniversary of the passing of someone who, while not typically credited as a “Lean” thinker, nevertheless had a profound impact on many Lean implementers. 705 more words

Old Lean Dude

From Ford to Lean: Don’t Push in Japanese

Once upon a time in Japan, an industrial engineer called Taiichi was in trouble. He was fascinated about the idea of reducing lead times in car manufacturing, but simply did not have an idea how to do it. 528 more words


Self-healing Organizations

Just the other day, I watched a great talk by Joe Armstrong about self-healing systems. And I got to thinking: as we have figured out how to build effective nearly self-healing software systems, why can’t we figure out how to build effective nearly self-healing software companies? 1,180 more words

I See Muda, Mura and Muri Everywhere

I learnt about an interesting concept in an unusual situation. Over the weekend, I was waiting in the check-out line in Costco (a local wholesale warehouse / store) with only couple of items bought to ring through the cash registers. 778 more words

Decision Making


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The Future of the Toyota Production System

“What Akio Toyoda feared the company lost when it was growing so fast was the time to struggle and learn,” said Liker, who met with Toyoda in November.

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