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Managing Your Expectations

Strategy, simply defined as what an organization needs to do, is important. There is no doubt that an artfully designed strategic concept can have transformative implications for the fortunes of an organization. 588 more words

Strategy And Execution

Indefinite Postponement

Today’s post is inspired by the politically charged gobbledygook we call presidential primaries.   This battle of principles turned battle of wills reminds me that the role of the change agent can be as much theater as science.  837 more words

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The SMaC Concept: Vision Statements are not Where Great Performance Begins

In their book Great by Choice, authors Jim Collins and Morten Hansen make what I think is an important point they call the “SMaC Recipe” which stands for Specific, Methodical, and Consistent. 661 more words


Ten Posts for Ten Shingo Principles

Hurrah!  Today is the first day of Spring, if a little snowy, in the Boston area.  And the 28th Annual Shingo Prize Conference is fast approaching in just one month.    647 more words

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Toyota This and Toyota That

Quick exercise.

  1. Google Toyota Production System.
  2. Click on the first link that is not an advertisement. In my search results, this was the first link. …
  3. 287 more words
Process Improvement

Bump and Grind

Here’s a personal reflection from my distant past, but which might still be a current state for some of you.

When I began working in manufacturing back in the pre-Lean era, the quoted lead-time for my company’s products averaged twelve to sixteen weeks. 846 more words

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Ludicrous Speed

Mel Brooks fans will remember Spaceballs, his jocular jibe at the Star Wars epic. In pursuit of a rebel ship, evil Lord Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) orders his crew to accelerate their craft beyond the speed of light to “ 1,015 more words

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