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Lean Management and Six Sigma: How do they differ?

There’s a seemingly eternal debate that takes place in organizations regarding the difference between Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma and if they are mutually exclusive. Toyota, in particular, is an organization which uses Lean Manufacturing methods, with a well known focus in the Toyota Production System (TPS). 819 more words

David Kiger

Profitless Part Proliferation

I wrote a post a little more than five years ago about Variety Reduction Program (VRP), an amazing but little known product design optimization tool.  At the time I referred to VRP as an idea whose “time had not yet come.”  Last week, as I gave a short presentation on VRP, I realized that five years later its time apparently… 1,110 more words

Old Lean Dude

3 important mistakes we make when we buy a machine

In our last blog (Man, Machine & Material – Which one we should maximize?) we tried to break the widespread myth of maximizing the utilization machine will not increase the profit. 336 more words

Lean Manufacturing

The Lean Startup - Review and notes

I have recently read, yes I am a little late on this one, the book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

This is a brilliant book, so insightful and resounds with what I have seen during my career so far. 800 more words

Product Management

Go to the Gemba! The Problem with Metrics and Dashboards

It might seem odd to focus on the problem with metrics and their use in management dashboards when, in many cases, the problem is that leaders do not use data and analytical tools enough in order to make evidence-based decisions. 625 more words

Performance Improvement

Traditional Lean?

Twice in the last month I’ve heard the phrase “Traditional Lean” used in public presentations.   In neither case did the presenter explain the expression, but one displayed a slide with a Venn diagram showing the overlap between Lean and Six Sigma.  918 more words

Old Lean Dude

Eye of the Beholder

Many moons ago when I was just getting started on my lean journey, I visited a large automotive supplier to benchmark pull systems.  My own factory had started a pilot kanban between two work centers and I was hoping to gain some insight from a more experienced source.  804 more words

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