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The 5S tool is used to organise the workplace. 5S is named for the initials of the 5 stages that comprise the process of organising the workplace are: 178 more words


Toyota: ahead of its time

David Kiger is known for recommending the perks of having a lean logistics department. He also has shared his insights on production and improvement based on successful cases of companies like Toyota: a company that came up with several philosophies extensible to all company’s areas aiming to improve their current state. 761 more words

David Kiger

Differences between Lean Manufacturing and JIT You Need To Know

Often, people confuse Lean Manufacturing with Just in Time production (JIT), understanding the two concepts as they had the same meaning when Lean Manufacturing and JIT have a few similarities but are essentially different. 792 more words

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One of Shigeo Shingo’s popular status quo targets was engineers, whom he placed in three categories:

  • Table engineers—those who just sit around a table and talk about problems…
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Summer Memory

I was lucky that the first boss I ever had (at age 13) had much to teach at a point when I had much to learn.  820 more words

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The Story of NUMMI: The Difficulty of Changing Paradigms

Most people would probably tell you they don’t have a problem with change. The unspoken add-on should be, “as long as it doesn’t contradict my core beliefs.” Whether we realize it or not, we are prisoners of our own culture, ideas, and experience—i.e., our paradigms, and we must change them to find success. 502 more words

Change Management

Lean By Doing

Early along, as a student of the Toyota Production System (TPS), now referred to as “Lean,” I struggled with some of the concepts and systems.  For example, Shigeo Shingo’s claim that a four-hour machine setup could be reduced to less than ten minutes made me a skeptic. 519 more words

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