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Three Essentials videos on Lean Product Development

Lean thinking can also be applied in Product Development and R&D environment. The focus is on identifying Value and Non-value Added Activities, making sure that customer requirements are met and build in learning and continuous improvement. 109 more words



I grew up in a small manufacturing company where nine different languages were spoken.  English was the language of managers, office workers and some of our production employees. 672 more words

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Lean 101: Kaizen = Continuous Improvement

There is no better video to explain the roots of Kaizen and the Toyota Production System than this one.

When delivering food to those affected by Superstorm Sandy in 2012, efficiency was of paramount importance. 16 more words


The Culture Beast

Culture is a living embodiment of what the organization is – reflecting its past, its current customs, and foretelling its future – culture is a beast.   1,209 more words



Most often when we think of a wheel, it’s in the context of transportation, one of the more obvious and ever-present of the 7 wastes.   In fact, the first likely use of a wheel and axle was… 951 more words

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Is Just In Time Production Right For Your Company

Just In Time manufacturing or production (JIT) is a production model or inventory strategy that focuses on the creation of material only to meet demand and not to stock a surplus as a projected need. 819 more words


Kaizen Progression and Continuous Improvement

Adapting Continuous Improvement Tools to fit the Situation

Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “improvement”, or “change for the better” – referring to the entire Continuous Improvement process. 1,518 more words

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