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Alfa Ronaldo: the curious case of the football game laced with obscure Italian car references

“I know, I will give these fake footballers names corresponding to key figures in the history of an illustrious European car manufacturer,” said nobody ever. Or maybe they did, because I think I may have stumbled across the most obscure, bizarre and downright pointless video game Easter Egg there is. 2,150 more words

Toys And Games

Making the impossible possible! A permanent magnetic spinning top!

Novelty Floating Magnetic Top

A permanent magnet cannot be suspended in free space by another permanent magnet. That would be like antigravity. We had to see if we could copy this novelty top. 54 more words

Games and toys that promote creativity and thinking (Part 6) Review of Goldiblox and the spinning machine

Hi to all my followers- I’m sorry to say that I have neglected this blog for a little while. It has taken one of my new students this year to prompt me to write again, so I will try to write fortnightly posts about ICT study tools, games, toys and learning. 463 more words