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Toys R' Us, There and Back Again... A Kid's Tale

Many a British child spent hours and hours in Toys R’ Us in our youth. My memories mainly consist of trying to beat my brother on the Nintendo games on display, and not being allowed to try out the kiddie vehicles and bikes. 308 more words

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Toys"R"Us Raises more than $2 million for the Special Olympics

Toys”R”Us has announced that it has raised more than $2 million for the Special Olympics. Over an eight-week awareness fundraising program held in stores, customers pledged their support to help children with intellectual and developmental disabilities experience… 259 more words


Visor Lets You Look Through Other's Eyes

As we move into our telemetric future, we will soon be able to mediate our experience in the world through apps. Already we can live the lives of others, vicariously, through… 344 more words


Rap Music and it's negative affects on Africa

The American Dream for many people involves the accumulation of enormous amounts of wealth at any cost. Even when the enterprise is morally reprehensible as long as it is not illegal it is praised. 1,609 more words


Bertie's wishlist

I know it’s only April and Bertie’s birthday isn’t until August but I don’t have many weekends free from now until then.  So naturally as a mother I’m already thinking about when his party is going to happen and what he may want to have as a present. 465 more words


Easter 2015: Something For Every Bunny

The first major event of the year in our work calendar.

In the pour of deadlines, it is easy to count how many times we have been put upon. 137 more words


The Salt Lick: Amiibo Mania!

The amiibo craze, has gotten out of hand.  Let’s be frank, it has been out of hand since the beginning.  More so here in North America than in Europe and Japan where it’s easy to find the unicorns of amiibos, Little Mac, Wii Fit Trainer, Marth, Pit, Captain Falcon, Ike, & Villager.   1,324 more words

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