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Insomniac Yardsale Video 099 | Ninety Nine Hill Hurst (Beetleborgs Flabber & Monsters Unboxing & Review)

In INSOMNIAC YARDSALE 099, I celebrate my near-centennial of Yardsale videos with a near-vintage unboxing. It’s a Beetleborgs Metallix figure set from 1997, containing Elvis/Jay Leno clown phasm, Flabber and his assortment of haunted mansion cronies, The Hillhurst House Monsters. 68 more words

Insomniac Yardsale

'The limits of your language are the limits of your world.' Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Stories from my Sketchbook . . . 

I’ve just started another course at Sketchbook Skool‘Exploring’.  This week’s homework assignment was to explore the use of hatching… 325 more words

Blog #1246: Transformers: The Last Knight Toy Release Day: How Toys R Us Stole Christmas

Yeah, I know.  You’re wondering why the hell I’m talking about Christmas in April.  Bear with me.  It’s will make sense, or at least something approaching sense. 1,428 more words


Children's Play: Changing the structure?

From Dragon’s Den, Rosie Wyllie suggested that I experiment with the rigidity of the structure of children’s play. A lot of the toys which children play with have set structures and rules, e.g. 173 more words


Personal 9:When drones weren't cool

I had a drone before they were cool. They were called toys and you could buy them at Wal-mart. That is why I’m so weirded out about this “new and exciting technological advancement in aviation” everyone for sure relax. 183 more words