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R.I.P. Fluffy, Bear of Noble Mien

Moving across country is not for the softhearted.

One must be willing to part with unnecessary items. Purge the dross. Winnow possessions to the basic few. 450 more words



bal·loon (bəˈlo͞on/) 


brightly colored rubber sac inflated with air and then sealed at the neck, used as a children’s toy or a decoration


Shake, rattle and roll(erballs) (May)

I made my first baby rattle using the ‘Raffan method’, which is much easier than captive rings or making the handle and top from separate pieces of wood. 27 more words


Dress me up Unicorn

I simply love these designs, created by the fantastic Laura Tegg. She calls them WeeBees.

The Rainbow Unicorn stands 9″ tall to the tip of her horn, shimmering in Magic dust.


Southern Dollies Welcome Ray

Ray Domingo, a friend of Southern Dollies, a criminal justice student at Hawaii Pacific University and a fellow doll collector, hosted a wonderful lunch for his doll friends. 710 more words


ThreeZero's X-Files Dana Scully Figure Details and Pre-Order

Mid last year, toy company ThreeZero released a crazy detailed 1/6 scale figure of X-Files’ Special Agent Fox Mulder featuring incredible likeness to David Duchovny, tailored suit, alternate hands, weapon, badge and much more.  168 more words


Noah and Max in the Library

Max and Noah, who can now pace steadily and productively across all floors, are together before dinner in the library corner and they have found two small horses with riders and lances. 266 more words