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the Schwäbian Swindle...

As the country gears up for Carnival an event as big as Christmas “Weihnachten” the American Frau can’t get over the fact that she was swindled out of 2.85€ merely 3 US dollars and will not rest until she writes about it. 1,365 more words

The Mayor of Toytown speaks out

Today Mr Tangerine Man, Toytown Mayor, held a press conference for Toytown media, augmented by some visitors from elsewhere eg a reporter from Maytown.

The Mayor was in exuberant mood recounting his stupendous achievements, though many impartial observers would suggest that the successes signalled were when looked at objectively failures of simply delusions  and/or fake news or alternative facts. 133 more words

Press Briefing from Toytown

CNN briefs us on the alternative reality that operates in Toytown


Sharon meets the Schornsteinfegermeister...

my good friend passes her B1’s,
and women across the globe take to the streets

I started my morning at 8:20 – an unusually early hour for the Americanfrau. 877 more words

I have a bump on my head...

my friend has a toothache and the Russians are happy. Is my Deutscher Mann to blame? 

Well yes, no and definitely no. For my friend, I think the sweets got her. 867 more words

Danke Gott für Flannel Sheets

Today it is -3C in the small village of Bargau, that is 26 degrees F.

There is a light snow on the ground and the streets are white and riddled with footprints of man, dog and bicycle tracks. 632 more words

Sylvanian Families has been taken to a dark, dark place

People with any desire to have their childhood remain sacred should probably look away now. 

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s then you probably remember Sylvanian Families as the adorable woodland creatures you begged your parents to buy you. 579 more words