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Alana Dee Haynes - Photographer, Illustrator

Dee Haynes is a photographer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, USA. Her website is an incredible collection of photography, illustration, painting and collage. The amount of experimentation is inspiring to me and I definitely want to use her work to influence my in my future projects. 139 more words

Lope - The Illustrator


Lope is an artist from Montreal, however there’s little about them online on their website. Their site showcases illustrations, many of them over 15 years old. 51 more words

The Sketchbook Project

Website Here

Founded in 2006 in America, The Sketchbook Project features over 35,000 artists from 160+ countries who have given their sketchbooks to be open to the public. 114 more words

Blu's Walking (2 times) Animation


I came across this animation by an artist named ‘Blu’ who uses traditional methods for his static and motion art. I absolutely love the style, and it stood out to me. 166 more words

The Childless Marriage - Elaine Campbell

Letters from mothers corrisponding to an article in The Guardian in March 1984 titled “The case for the conscientious objector to motherhood”, objectifications were signed off yet the women who ‘lacked the maternal urge’ remained anonymous in their responses (Fran Bagenal). 168 more words

STEAM Researchers Night

I attended the STEAM researchers night at the university