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A very clean scam

You can read the title of this blog. Well, not everyone is being honest these days. (Surprise, surprise!)

Two particular instances of sneaky little lies that have intruded into my life lately have shown up in my bathroom. 250 more words

True Confessions

Transponder Returns

Q. I took my transponder home with me! How do I return it?

A. It happens! In the chaos of packing up and heading out, transponders can go home with you on accident. 156 more words


T&P Journal

4:39-4:47 , 5:04-5:12, 5:38- 5:47, 6:46 -7:12

For one of the projects I am going to create will be an experimental, I have also been interested in doing an experimental film and looking at new ways of breaking the rules of film and challenging myself. 126 more words


The World's Most Expensive Toilet Costs $19 Million

It’s the International Space Station Toilet, and it’s not on Earth, but in space… 9 more words


Toilet Paper Challenge! 

Stocking up the bathroom supplies resulted in a toilet paper balance challenge. At PKMove,
we believe the joy of movement (pun intended) should be inherent to daily living. 36 more words

Bathroom Tissue

Bathroom Tissue (also known as Toilet Paper: everyone needs it)

Also known as Toilet Paper,we know that everyone needs this product.

All Freedom paper products are free from cancer-causing dioxins found in most leading brands, biodegradable, and septic-safe (bathroom tissue). 13 more words