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Bear crawls on the bleachers sounds like a good idea.

PAX: TP, Big Spur, Ballcock, Uncle Rico, and Coach K (Q)

Conditions: upper 70’s and the air was thick.

Warm Up/The Thang
-1 burpee
-SSH IC x 20… 233 more words

The Buck

What should you know before choosing a lab

My PhD wasn’t easy and neither was my master. So, you may ask, if my master was “painful” why did I go for a PhD? First of all, I’m crazy, I admit. 648 more words


Surviving our Night in the Park

Toilet-papering was a rite of passage for my generation; more a matter-of-fact part of childhood than a taboo act perpetuated by delinquents. It was basically expected that we, as teenagers, would pillage the bathroom cabinets of our homes to gather as much toilet paper as we could before sneaking out in the middle of the night to create a white fluffy toilet paper topcoat on an unsuspecting friend’s house. 1,724 more words

Os porquês da minha vida

Madeirense de raíz, mas já sem sotaque (a não ser quando falo ao telefone com alguém da ilha), sou catalogada como nunca tendo saído da idade dos porquês – assumo que seja por esta minha “irreverência” que acabei diretamente ligada à investigação científica. 195 more words


Maybank Treatpoints conversion revised

previously prior June 2018, MBB TreatPoints having conversion rate of 400TP : RM1.

Effectively 1st July 2018, it is revised to 500TP : RM1.

Buckle up guys, change your points soon before the inflation of 25%. 8 more words


Transtorno de personalidade

O que é Transtorno de personalidade?

Os transtornos de personalidade são um grupo de doenças psiquiátricas em que os traços emocionais e comportamentais de um indivíduo são muito inflexíveis e mal ajustados. 62 more words