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Chokes & Strangles

Most people have heard the terms choke, strangle and choke-hold; however, there are very important distinctions between these terms. It is important to understand the differences as you will often come across this terminology in self-defense books, videos and articles. 468 more words

Inside the lab where scientists are 3D-printing a real working trachea

3D printing has been used to make fast foodjewelry, electric guitars, and tiny versions of ourselves. But one area where it shows particular promise is medicine. 921 more words

Wait, Insects Breathe!? But How? Part I

Post by Nancy Miorelli and Joe Ballenger

One day, while puttering around on Twitter we noticed that there was a #BugQuestions already…and there are some really neat questions here. 766 more words



A RAE endotracheal tube stands for Ring, Adair, and Elwyn, the inventors of the tube.

In Writing

Barium Swallow Study

As we reach that inevitable stump in the road, it was time to seek out yet another specialist to research Max’s health concerns. Try to shed some light on his odd symptoms. 459 more words