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Growing Up With Esophageal Atresia: My Journey in Health and Identity

I was born with an improperly developed esophagus. My condition was called Esophageal Atresia with Tracheoesophageal Fistula (EA/TEF for short). How’s EA/TEF affect a newborn? Picture trying to drive through a tunnel, only to be met on other side with a brick wall. 1,755 more words

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Spizzles Trachea Chips Natural Dog Chews 8oz

A lot of designs were created so that one establishment could differentiate their chips from that of the others. From the beginning of the 1800’s itself clay poker… 280 more words

The Day After Chemo

I always forget that the day after chemo always kicks my butt. Yesterday I had an eight hour infusion of Rituxin. It’s not as harsh as some chemos, as it doesn’t take my hair. 1,349 more words

April Challenge - The Wrap Up

The month of April is synonymous with two things – the chill in the air for the upcoming Winter and Two Oceans! The Two Oceans always falls over Easter and this year it was in the very first week of April. 480 more words

12 In 12


The month of April is already at the half way mark. The half marathon for April is already done (more on that in the monthly wrap up) and the charity challenge awaits. 261 more words

12 In 12

Chokes & Strangles

Most people have heard the terms choke, strangle and choke-hold; however, there are very important distinctions between these terms. It is important to understand the differences as you will often come across this terminology in self-defense books, videos and articles. 468 more words

Chokes & Strangles