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drip by drip by drip
an anomaly shrivels
shrinking trachea


Endotracheal Intubation - Indication and Procedure

As a hospitalist with EmCare in Frankfort, Kentucky, Dr. Abhishek Kapila draws on a strong working knowledge of care coordination and clinical procedures. Dr. Abhishek Kapila… 253 more words

Abhishek Kapila

Eye-Opening Facts About The Thyroid

From MentalFloss –

The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland that lives just below your larynx. Its two halves, or lobes, which rest against the trachea, weigh less than an ounce. 59 more words

Saskatoon man helping cancer patients find their voice

Imagine losing your voice and not knowing if you would ever get it back. It’s something one Saskatoon man wouldn’t wish upon anyone and is now helping others through the same ordeal. 330 more words