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No words needed

It is my own personal perspective, I do believe we are seeing an evolution of our own humanity in our children, ALL children. When you contemplate how it makes us feel ‘within’ which is everything in our experience, as we observe them, it is thrilling!! 176 more words


The "What If" Game

Playing the ‘what if’ game:

What if, it did not matter what we called the bump in the road (a so-called disability, cancer, or any other diagnosis) that comes up along our journey, we get to be the ones who plans the sites, playgrounds and rest areas along our journey? 55 more words


Life Lessons

It is my perspective, our children are here to teach us life lessons we can apply in practical ways, not because we are broken but because we have forgotten our power within, we have forgotten to reach for better feeling thoughts, rather than reaching for ‘things, or people we believe will make us happier’. 85 more words

Follow your Bliss

This population if we are willing to listen, is teaching us life lessons that will serve us extremely well.
Yesterday, we had a blast at Disneyland. 226 more words



After our first child was born, I recognized I would parent differently. I could not put words to it, there was a reverence about our relationship, I always think of the word and meaning of Namaste’. 223 more words


Savoring Mother's Day

What a wonderful Mother’s Day I had. We stayed home as we usually do for holidays, a decision we made long ago after Connor’s diagnosis to create as much ease and stress free living within our home. 477 more words