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Tracing Your Steps

Christians the other day I was getting ready to go out the door, but I didn’t have my sunglasses. I went to where they normally are..they weren’t there.   829 more words


Opting out of Ads doesn't Protect you more

If you thought opting out of targetted ads meant opting out of data collection and tracking it does not.  All it means is adverts arent shown based on data being collected.  27 more words


Oracle: Using Oracle Trace from code without “tkprof” – The basics

Update: Although it is still relevant today, this was originally written in Aug 2012.

A lot of times, in your PL/SQL application, you might run into an error but do not know what statement caused the error. 274 more words


Sports Team Logo Reproduction - Nashville Predators

Here is the final result of my first logo reproduction, which is not 100% because I have missed some curves, specially on the teeth. Another issue that required some extra time was the color tone and for those reasons, I am planning to review this work once the semester is finished. 112 more words


This Ain't Gonna Work*

Well. So. I ironed for about 7 hours yesterday until I realized I’d made a major mistake two steps back. I’m not even sure how I pulled it off. 1,093 more words


I Don't Know Why Sometimes I Get Frightened*

Yes. I have the day off. Thank you, veterans of the world. I’ve been reading too much (as many of us over-educated people apparently do) lately, and am disturbed by references to how major conflicts and wars began in the past and what we are seeing with Brexit and TrumpWorld. 731 more words