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The Old Standard

5mi. The humidity has topped out, it cannot be any thicker today. One slow warmup lap and I am dripping with sweat. Paul guides us through a good set today, anyone who has been running track with him kinda figured out what the intervals would be – the old standard workout we have run so many times… 64 more words


Workout of the Day

Spartan workouts have left me battered and bruised. But I rather liked the one I did this evening. 100 m sprints are kind of fun. I got up to a 4:45 min/mile pace for one of them. 37 more words


Track VS Treadmill

Today (March 3, 2014) was a scheduled day on the track to do sprints.  But the weather wasn’t cooperating and playing nice today as the temperature dropped to below freezing and precipitation started to fall in the form of sleet, snow, and freezing rain.  761 more words

Thoughts Along The Way